10 Speed Queen Washer Problems – Easy Fixes

There are some common occurrences of Speed Queen washer problems that occur with usage over time. Although it is a recognized home appliance brand, it is not fully immune to wear and tear, just as any other popular brand. As they are designed to work easily, the problems can be fixed easily by yourself. Here is a guide on Speed Queen washing machine troubleshooting of the most common problems. If you find it difficult to handle certain issues, you should contact your appliance repair technician for support. 

Do not attempt any troubleshooting without unplugging your washer from power. Always make sure to ensure your health and safety by following the necessary precautions when handling electrical appliances. You may use PPEs to avoid any potential hazards during this.

Washer Won’t Start


The first concern in a washing machine that won’t start is to check whether the lid is open. Close the lid properly and plug the appliance into an electrical outlet. Plug it directly into a socket in the wall and do not use an extension cord or adapter.

If the washer has an electrical burning odor or pushes after it starts, then the motor overload protector is engaged. The washer would turn on after two or three minutes and reset the household breaker. If the problem is not resolved, check the lid switch and replace it if the switch is defective.

Not Filling with Water

Not Filling with Water

You might need to know about Speed Queen washing machine troubleshooting if your washer does not fill enough with water. You should first confirm that your house water supply has at least 20 psi as it is the minimum pressure required for the water inlet valve to function properly. The water inlet valve controls the water flow to the washer tub in coordination with the timer.

 If the water inlet valve is faulty, it will not open correctly, and water would not fill up to the required level. If you find that the water valve is faulty, it would have to be replaced as it cannot be repaired. Turn off the washer, unplug from power and disconnect the water supply before you connect the new valve. You would need to use a cloth or a container to collect any water discharged during this.

Sometimes, the water inlet would work correctly, but the timer is defective and does not cooperate in the process. This would also cause improper filling of water and need to be inspected for possible faults. If you see any burn spots or feel any smell from the timer, then it is a clear sign of damage and should be replaced. You should turn off the power supply before replacing this. Remove any electrical wires connecting the timer and connect them back to the new timer using the mounting screws.

Washer Overflows

Washer Overflows

You can troubleshoot your water inlet by turn off the power of your washer while water is being filled to it. If you find that the washer gets filled without getting power, the inlet valve is defective and needs to be replaced.

Low pressure of the water supply less than 20 psi also causes your washer to overflow as the water inlet valve won’t be shut properly. So, check your house’s water supply pressure and check whether it is sufficient. If the supply pressure is not appropriate, then find ways to increase it.

The pressure switch is responsible for turning off the power when your washer reaches a certain level. If the water level sensor or the pressure switch fails, then the signal would not be transmitted for the inlet valve to stop functioning. This would make water continue filling and cause it to overflow. Therefore check the pressure for any debris and leaks before you replace it.

Speed Queen Washer Not Draining

Improper draining is another major concern in Speed Queen washer problems. Small clothes or other debris might block the drain pump and prevent water from draining properly. So check for any obstacles and remove them from the drain pump. If there is no blockage in the drain pump but noisy when draining, then it should be replaced.

Also, check the drain hose and clean any debris that might obstruct the draining of water. If the drain hose is bent or twisted, you should straighten it out and check whether the problem is resolved.

If the problem is still there, then you might need to check the drive belt that functions with the pulleys and the drive motor. This system is responsible for the fast spinning of the washer to dry the clothes. The washer tub is turned through the belt, which gets power from the motor.

If the belt fails, then the spinning would not happen efficiently, and all the water would not be drained out. A worn-out belt would not have enough tension for the function, and this would be easily noticeable when washing a heavy load. This can be fixed by replacing the worn-out drive belt with the following method.

  • The belt of a top-loader washing machine is located at the bottom. You would have to access it by removing the panel and any other components in the way. You can find this by referring to the user manual of the appliance.
  • Removing the old belt would be simpler than installing the new one since the new belt will be taut compared to the old one.
  • Loop one end of the belt around the drum pulley and loop the other end of the belt around the motor pulley by using some force.

Washer Vibrating or Shaking

Vibrating of your washing machine may be mainly due to defective shock absorbers. The function of shock absorbers is to reduce the vibration of the washtub when spinning. So if they are worn out, the washer would vibrate. So check the condition of your washer’s shock absorbers and replace them if necessary.

Counterbalance springs and suspension springs are vital components of a washing machine that reduce vibrating or shaking by absorbing the motion. If a spring breaks, your washer will be unbalanced and cause shaking. So, inspect for broken springs and replace them accordingly.

However, if these do not fix the issue of your shaky washer, you might have to investigate more on how to prevent your washing machine from shaking. Few other causes might be the reason for this, and you would be able to overcome them easily by referring to the above article.

Washer Won’t Agitate

Washer Won't Agitate

The Speed Queen washer will not agitate if any components of the agitator kit are damaged or worn out. If so, the whole agitator kit would have to be replaced. You should also check the drive block that connects the washer transmission to the agitator. If the drive block is damaged or worn out, the agitator won’t move as necessary despite the motion of the transmission shaft. Another component to be diagnosed for the agitator problem is the drive belt. If it is broken or loose, the washer would not be able to agitate. So check this and change it if necessary.

The washer door or lid won’t lock

Lid lock issues are another common type in Speed Queen front load washer problems. Since the door lock needs to shut correctly before the operation, the cycle would not start if it is defective. This is a safety measure to prevent water leakages and other damages by running with an unlatched door. So inspect your door for any mechanical damage why it won’t shut properly. You can also test it for any electrical connectivity issues with a multimeter. If there are any defects, the door lid or door lock switch would need to be replaced.

Sometimes, even though the door lock functions properly, the control board might have issues that keep it from starting the function of the washer. This is a rare case but needs to be diagnosed correctly before replacement.

Not Spinning Fast Enough

If your Speed Queen washing machine is not spinning fast enough, then it is due to the function of the vibration sensor. If the washing machine vibrates excessively, it might damage the interior components. Therefore, the vibrations sensor identifies this and transmits a signal to slow down the washer.

This would prevent your washing machine from reaching the ideal speed. Even if your washer does not vibrate as such, malfunction of the vibration sensor due to wiring problems would also lead to this. You can solve this by close inspection of the sensor wiring. Replace or solder the wiring if there are any cracks and breaks along the wire. Apply a heat shrink to make sure that the connection is improved.

Check whether the drive belt is broken or loose on the pulleys. If it is damaged, replace it with a new one and check whether the problem is solved. A defective control board might also prevent your washer from spinning correctly. As this is a rare case and difficult to be diagnosed, check all the other possible defective components before you replace this.

Washer Stops Mid Cycle

Washer Stops Mid Cycle

A washer stopping mid-cycle is another common issue among Speed Queen washer problems. The first thing to check is whether the water inlet valve lets enough water enter the tub. If it fails, then the washer would stop amidst a cycle while waiting for water to get filled.

This would also occur when the machine is spinning at higher speeds and generating more vibration. A faulty lid switch that opens in the middle of spinning might also cause the washer to stop due to the safety design. This problem can be fixed by replacing the lid switch and door switch assembly. It can be replaced easily by locating the lid switch after removing the access panel. Remove the mounting screws and disconnect the wires from the switch. Then replace the new switch by connecting the wires and fix the screws removed earlier. 

Sometimes, a defective timer would cause interruption to the Speed Queen commercial washer cycle time and stop it in the middle. You can check the timer’s continuity by using a multimeter and replace it if necessary. However, before changing the timer, all other potential defects should be investigated.

Speed Queen Washer Noise Problem

Another common problem with the Speed Queen washer is the loud noise generated during a wash cycle. This high-pitched squealing noise occurs when the washer is spinning or agitating. This sound is due to an issue with the belt or idler pulley. The drive belt connects the motor and pulley, transferring the motor’s power to rotate the washer. The pulley is located on the tub or drum and might get worn and torn over time. 

You can troubleshoot this by moving the pulley by hand to detect any noises. If it does, then the pulley is defective and should be replaced. You should unplug the machine and remove the access panel and the drive belt. Then the bolt holding back the pulley should be removed with some effort. Once it is removed, you can easily fix the new pulley and reverse the steps of disassembly to fix the washer. Then test run your appliance to check whether the noise problem is resolved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Speed Queen Washer

How do you reset a Speed Queen Washer?

To reset the speed Queen commercial washer, switch it off, unplug and unplug the washer from the electric outlet. Wait for about 5 minutes and plug the washer and turn the machine back on. This would reset your Speed Queen washer.

Where is the reset button on the Speed Queen washer?

The latest Speed Queen washing machines come with a reset button in the control panel. So they can be reset by pressing this button.

Is Speed Queen washing machine parts available?

Speed Queen is a popular brand in the market and produces the required accessories and spare parts. So, there are parts available and no reported issues related to this.

What is the Speed Queen commercial washer cycle time?

The average cycle time is guaranteed to be around 30 minutes. As it takes record time to dry, it would wash and dry in less than an hour.


The above-mentioned solutions are practical and can be used to detect the faults in your Speed Queen washing machine. However, when replacing the components, make sure to avoid cheap fraudulent parts from local sellers. Purchase the genuine ones from an authorized dealer to improve the longevity of your washing machine. If the troubleshooting is complex and difficult for you to handle, then you should get the help of a technician for repairing.

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