Refrigerator Brands To Avoid In 2023

The thought of refrigerator brands to avoid is the main topic that is discussed by people interested in replacing their old fridge with a new one. The refrigerator is one of the most often used appliances at home. Therefore, it is very essential to choose the best type of refrigerator from a reliable brand. This may be a challenging task as there are so many brands in the market to choose from. They are available at various prices and consist of similar or different features. So, to make the best choice, it is necessary to know the worst refrigerator brands and decide what to avoid. So let’s find out what refrigerator brands to avoid.

5 Worst Refrigerator Brands to Avoid


Please note that no brand is completely bad. But this guide is prepared to help consumers to get an idea about the worst models created by popular brands. This shows that even the well-known brands could create bad models that do not come out effective as planned. These are considered based on some features such as the quality of build, efficiency, temperature, the capacity of storage, durability, price, and energy consumption. Let’s find the refrigerator brands to avoid.

Frigidaire (FGHB2866PF – French Door)

Frigidaire is a top brand that is highly rated among US commercial home appliance brands. There are various sized refrigerators in their products such as top freezers, column freezers, and French doors. There have been certain issues found in Frigidaire FGHB2866PF. 

Frigidaire FGHD2368TF Gallery Series 36 Inch Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator with 21.9 cu. ft. Total Capacity, in Stainless Steel

This is a French door refrigerator with 27.2 cubic feet and consists of features such as adjustable interior storage, crisper drawers, and quick freeze. This is also built with mark-proof stainless steel and has digital temperature control. Even though such advanced features are included in this model, there have been many complaints from users. These negative aspects have been posted on various online customer forums and on e-commerce websites as well. Let’s identify what the drawbacks of this model are.

Many complaints have been regarding the malfunctioning of the ice makers and misaligned doors. It is also very expensive to maintain and even costly to hire repair persons.

There seems to have a problem with the cooling process and the dispenser’s handles are also sensitive in some cases. This offers a poor warranty and does not seem to have proper customer service. Therefore, look out for these drawbacks when you are buying this model of refrigerator.

KitchenAid (Counter-Depth French Door)

KitchenAid (Counter-Depth French Door)
KitchenAid (Counter-Depth French Door)

This has been a popular choice among durable refrigerators. However, the same brand has introduced one of the worst refrigerator brands that have been identified so far. The KitchenAid Counter-Depth model has so many negative issues. They come in various sizes ranging from 19 to 27 cubic feet. The design is highly attractive with stainless steel build and comes in multiple colored options. However, certain issues create a major drawback in this model.

There have been reports of water leakage problems and misaligned freezer doors. There have also been issues with the ice maker due to a design flaw. After few months of use, the refrigerator tends to make a strange snoring sound. Even though it is said to be made of stainless steel, there have been issues of rusting after about a year of using it.

There have also been issues with the water dispenser for some customers. They also complain of a terrible service after the sale. These issues make this one of the worst refrigerator brands in the market.

Whirlpool (Fingerprint Resistant)

Whirlpool (Fingerprint Resistant)
Whirlpool (Fingerprint Resistant)

The brand Whirlpool is a highly reliable brand for refrigerators available in the market. It has a highly reputed history in the industry of all home appliances. They produce a wide range of refrigerators in various sizes and prices.

The top freezer and the French door are the most prominent brands. However, this Fingerprint model seems to have certain issues and is regarded as a brand to avoid due to its poor quality of the build.

It has a fingerprint-resistant finishing with a door alarm. The build is made of stainless steel and has an automatic deforest and dual evaporator system. However, there are some reasons for getting negative feedback from consumers. There is said to be a leakage in the ice maker and the shelves on the doors are too narrow.

The inside space distribution is a major problem due to less space for storing goods. Even the handles are not sturdy enough and also have issues in the alignment of the French doors. After about six months of use, the motor starts making loud noises. This brand is also said to have very bad customer service.

Beko (Fridge – GN1416220CX)

Beko (Fridge – GN1416220CX)

The brand Beko is popular for high-quality refrigerators at considerable prices. They create many products with distinct features. However, they also have come up with a model to be avoided. For anyone running with a tight budget, this Beko model would be a good option as it is highly affordable. However, it is not so durable and contains many problems. Certain problems faced by customers are listed here.

The most common issue that occurred while using this model is the fluctuations in the temperature. When the ice maker is full, the device makes such loud noises. The refrigerator walls are made of low-quality material and do not seem to be durable. Once again, this model has bad customer service and support.

Bosch (800 Series Refrigerator)

Bosh (800 Series Refrigerator)
Bosh (800 Series Refrigerator)

The brand Bosh is famous for innovative home appliances. They have highly advanced features in their products. There is also the option of having a wide range of products to choose from. However, it is surprising to see this brand name on the worst models list. There are certain issues in this model that drive away consumers from buying it. It was the fascinating design that first captured the attention of the people. But, it is advisable to check out the following drawbacks in this Bosh 800 series.

There is said to be very less interior space due to its poor design of shelves. The humidity control is not so good as the crisper is not so efficient.

There is also a water leakage problem and issues reported with problems in the ice maker. Some components are made of low quality and cheap manufacturing has led to the low durability of this product.

Purchasing a refrigerator is a comparatively large investment, as it is to be used for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to go for a brand and a highly durable model. Since there are many products in the market today, making the right choice can be quite difficult. Browsing the internet, looking for feedback can also be stressful for you. So, we have compiled this guide to introduce you to the models to avoid. Now, we are going to introduce you to the reliable brands in the market that might bring the ideal solution for you.


LG is a top brand that is considered to be highly reliable all around the world. However, some people think of it as a cheap brand since it is very affordable. But the truth is that LG has both good features along with lower and reasonable prices. They also have highly admired customer service and accept all valid claims from their consumers.

The model LG LRMDS3006S is popular due to its distinct features consisting of advanced technology. This has doors made of stainless steel finish and a volume of 30 cubic feet. It also has a smart Wi-Fi control feature. The internal layout consists of bright LED lights. This model has good internal temperature regulation. Now let’s identify some pros and cons of this LG model. 

Pros include having a dual ice maker and a smart cooling system. The compatibility with LG SmartThinkQ App is an added advantage. There are also smart Wi-Fi-enabled applications included in this refrigerator. The cons include the high use of advanced technology. This product would annoy you if you are not so into the technological matter. The repairing and maintenance would also be quite expensive.


  • Smart Cooling System
  • LG SmartThinQ App Compatible
  • Dual Ice Maker
  • Smart Wi-Fi Enabled applications


  • Costly repair and maintenance
  • Features might be annoying if you are not familiar with the technology

GE (Profile – PFE28KYNFS)

GE (Profile – PFE28KYNFS)
GE (Profile – PFE28KYNFS)

This brand has been creating highly praised home appliances in the industry for over 115 years. They are dedicated to creating innovative products to bring comfort to homes all over the world. This model is considered to be the most reliable type of all. The GE refrigerators come in three series namely, GE Profile, GE Café, and GE Regular series. The model GE Profile PFE28K is admired by all users. It is a 27.8 cubic feet refrigerator with French doors and consists of a durable ice maker.

There is abundant space to store goods with door storage and crisper drawers. There is a proper internal temperature regulation mechanism and the food is kept cool and fresh throughout. The outer finish is of stainless fingerprint resistance and the smudges or stains can be wiped out easily. This is the best model for high reliability. So, let’s identify some more pros. 

The drawers are flexible. You can get water and ice easily through the door. The backlit interior makes the design more appealing. This is also very energy efficient and temperature consistent. The only drawback of this model is being expensive.


  • Energy Efficient
  • Temperature Consistency
  • Backlit interior
  • Through the door, ice, and water
  • Flexible drawer


  • Expensive repair and maintenance

Bosch (B36CL80ENS)

Bosch (B36CL80ENS)
Bosch (B36CL80ENS)

This is a German brand and the manufacturer is one of the best home appliance producers in the industry. The products are of very high quality, proper build and reasonable prices. They also have various advanced features. Even though the Bosch 800 series was listed as one of the worst brands that need to be avoided, this Bosch B36CL80ENS model offers remarkably luxurious features.

This has the best temperature control systems. Two compressors are used to separate humidity, cold air and to filter between the fridge and the freezer. This refrigerator offers the best food preservation with drawers consisting of adjustable temperatures. This would be the best choice for anyone looking for proper temperature consistency. The following are some of the other advantages of this model.

The specialized storage spaces are also ideal for food preservation. There is also a fast cooling function available. The stainless steel finish adds value to the product. The only drawback of this model is the expensive repair and maintenance costs.


  • Dual Compressor
  • Outstanding produce preservation
  • Fast Cooling Function
  • Stainless Steel Finish
  • It has specialized storage spaces


  • Expensive repair and maintenance

What are the Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing a New Refrigerator?

A refrigerator is something you buy once and use for many years. Therefore, making the right choice is very important. Try to purchase the most user-friendly model from a very reliable and long-lasting brand. When looking for a refrigerator, there are major mistakes that should be avoided. This is a compilation of the factors you should consider when searching for a good product.

Do a Proper Research

Doing as much research as possible is the main step in the process. Getting to know all the available brands, models and identifying their pros and cons is essential.

This would help in eliminating the unsuitable options and drawing the focus on a few of the best models. For this, there are some important aspects that need to be considered.

Some of them are the price, quality, dimensions, weight, warranty, maintenance, and repair expenses. Once the final choice is made, once again the negative aspects should be reviewed to check whether the product is really compatible with your requirements.

Choosing the Correct Size

Choosing the correct size of the fridge is very important. This is because you need to plan the exact location in the house where you are going to place your refrigerator; therefore, measure the width and height of the fridge.

Then check whether it is suitable for the area you are planning to locate it. Also, don’t forget to measure the home’s entry point, or the main door, and the height to the ceiling.

This would be useful when bringing the product into your house. Another very important measurement is the space that you need to leave for opening the doors of your new refrigerator. This is one of the most common mistakes that people make as it is very often not accounted for.

Energy Efficiency

Improving the environmental conditions and saving electricity expenses are the main considerations of energy efficiency.

Purchasing a cheap model might appear to be more affordable and less costly at the moment. However, it would cause you so much more expenses on electricity bills which would create even more costly than the initial purchasing. Therefore, it is very important to look for all these probabilities before buying your ideal product. So, check the readings of energy efficiency indicated on the product.

This would be indicated in the form of an efficiency sticker and available in almost all the brands in the market.

If you need any help, talk to the dealer to get an idea about the cost of energy of the respective product.

Consider the Water Connections at Home

Not knowing the proper water connections in the house can be the main problem. It is necessary to have a proper idea of this if you are going to purchase a refrigerator with a water dispenser. Since immediate water refilling of water is essential, the required space should be made for the appliances. You can also refill the water manually.

But it is a better option to get a water line connected as it is more convenient. So, consider this factor thoroughly before you choose the model.

Find the Correct Refrigerator Style

Finding the correct style means picking the correct design, shape, and size based on the advantages and disadvantages.

The latest models come in various styles such as French doors, top, bottom, and column freezers, or even side by side freezers.

These types have different specifications, prices, measurements, and other readings. Therefore, you should think well when choosing your ideal type of refrigerator. Through this, you can even eliminate the refrigerator brands to avoid purchasing.

Check the Capacity and Storage

Depending on your family size, the capacity of the refrigerator you need would vary. If you have an extended family and living with a lot of family members, then you should go for a larger fridge. Therefore, don’t make any mistake in guessing the correct requirements.

Always double-check whether the freezer has enough space to store the meals and whether they get cooled enough. If you need a large storage area to store your items, then a side-by-side model would be the best choice.

The Finish and Color

The finish and the color of the product are major factors that you would not miss when choosing your ideal product. Perhaps this may even be the first thing you would look for, in a new design.

The color of the fridge would considerably affect the kitchen’s design and style. So make sure to pick a color that enhances the overall appearance. It is always better to go for a stainless finish as you will be able to remove any smudges and stains easily from the surface by simply wiping them off.

What to Look For When Buying a Refrigerator?

We have discussed the common mistakes done when choosing the refrigerator models in the context above. So, let’s identify the important considerations that need to be thought of, before purchasing a product.

The Energy Star

The refrigerator is one of the main home appliances that consume high energy. Water heaters, air conditioners, and washing machines are some of the similar energy users at home. Models with energy stars are considered as good products which conserve energy and save electricity expenses.

This also contributes to environmental protection. Therefore, it is highly recommended to go for a refrigerator model with an Energy Star sticker.

Cost of Spare Parts

As in any other product, the refrigerators would also need to replace certain parts as they get old and depreciated over time.

The main problem would be if the brands are manufactured in another country. This would be costly as the parts need to be imported. Therefore, when researching the product, make sure to check the availability of spare parts in the local market and in online stores.

If you cannot find the spare parts in time, you would even have to face the challenge of dealing with a fridge that doesn’t function properly. To avoid such complexities, make sure to consider the spare parts well ahead before buying the product.

Stainless steel

There have been complaints on many refrigerator models related to rusting after few months of use. To avoid such negative effects, make sure to choose a proper model made with stainless steel. Consider the manufacturer’s warranty regarding this.

Smudge-proof Finish

It is normal to get stains on the fridge as it is being used very often and especially during cooking in the kitchen. Therefore, the surface of the product should be able to be cleaned easily by wiping it off. Some surfaces would hold the stains and cannot be removed easily. So, you are advised to be considerate about this factor as well.

The Direction of Opening of Doors

The design of the refrigerator would have doors opening either sideways or in a single direction. Depending on this factor, the space arrangements should be made to allow the doors to open widely, without slamming on anything.

If the doors tend to slam against other objects in your kitchen, it would cause damage to both the refrigerator and other devices in the long run. Therefore, make sure that the doors open and swing in the correct direction with ample room.

Delivery Service

Some refrigerator brands have issues with their customer service. This includes the delivery service as well.

Sometimes the products are defected on the arrival due to bad practices in the transportation. Such delivery services would ruin your product even before you install it. So, make sure to refuse any low-cost shopping and find a proper shipping service that is willing to take proper responsibility for the delivery.

It is your privilege to inquire about the delivery details to secure the item you buy. So, give proper attention to this consideration as well.

FAQs on Refrigerators

These are some of the most frequently asked questions related to purchasing new refrigerators. Make sure to go through these as well. It would even provide answers to some questions you never thought of.

How long would a refrigerator last?

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the average age of a refrigerator is around 12 years. However, a fridge would approximately last somewhere between 10 to 15 years. After this time, it would reduce its efficiency and result in high repair and maintenance costs.

What are the top models?

There are so many products being introduced to the market. There would be many best brands among these. Therefore, the ideal product for you would vary depending on your personal requirements. However, there are some top picks that can be nominated as the top models when considering affordability, reliability, and durability.

  1. LG – LRMDS3006s (Best Overall)
  2. GE – Profile PFE28K (Most Reliable)
  3. Bosch – B36CL80 (Best Temperature Control)

When to replace the refrigerator?

After the average duration of 12 years, the decline of the freezer is started. There would be several signs that emerge in this stage. Let’s identify what these are.

  1. Spoiling of food before the expiration date
  2. Fluctuations and variations in the freezing temperature
  3. Noticeable sound of a motor
  4. Significant increase in the electricity bill
  5. Excess heat generation in the backside of the fridge
  6. Formation of frost or condensation
  7. Having to call a repair person more frequently

So, if you have experienced these symptoms more often, then you are recommended to think about replacing your refrigerator with a new one.

What to do when the refrigerator stops working?

The first thing you need to do in the event of the freezer not working is to stock it with ice coolers. This would keep the food from getting spoiled for some time. You should seek technical advice as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

This is a complete and informative guide on refrigerator brands to avoid when you are looking for a new product.

There are various reasons as to why these models are bad choices. They too, have been discussed here. Some models of the famous brands, namely, Frigidaire, KitchenAid, Whirlpool, Beko, and Bosch, are on the list of these refrigerator brands to avoid purchasing. Useful tips on what to consider when purchasing a new refrigerator are also explained comprehensively here. However, all the existing brands have not been covered and cannot be covered as innumerable products are being introduced to the market continuously. So, we hope you find this article useful in your research. Don’t forget to go through the product reviews and look for both positive and negative comments.

You can always learn a lot more from the consumers than what the sellers educate you. Also, check the dealer’s credibility before you purchase your ideal model of refrigerator.