Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker Not Dumping Ice – Easy Fix 2023

It would be frustrating to find your Samsung refrigerator ice maker not dumping ice. However, you can troubleshoot this and fix it easily by following the instructions in this guide. First, confirm which part of the appliance is at fault and try fixing them as indicated. Before you handle any electrical components, make sure to unplug your refrigerator from power to avoid any possible electrical hazards.

What to Check When Ice Maker Not Dumping Ice ?


Check the Ice in the Ice Bucket

Check the Ice in the Ice Bucket

First of all, check whether there is any ice by taking it out of the refrigerator. The method of ice maker removal would vary, depending on the model of the refrigerator. This would be either to pull it straight out or lift it as you pull out. Observe the ice bucket, and if you see that ice is in clumps, it solves the problem.

You can fix this issue by applying some heat by keeping it outside for some time or by leaving the freezer door open. Next, remove any blocks of ice that do not break while defrosting. This lets the ice melt and ease its dispense since the dispenser cannot dump large chunks of ice since the auger cannot break them.

If the ice is clumped, it results in irregular dispensing, and this is mostly seen if you don’t use the ice maker regularly. The auger will not break the ice cubes and result in the cubes fusing. Make sure the ice bucket sets correctly when you put it back in. If it is misplaced, the ice maker may not sense it, and the auger motor would function without any ice in the bucket. So ensure that it enters correctly by changing the angle of the bucket.

Child Lock Feature

Child Lock Feature

If the child lock feature is turned on, both the dispenser and the display get locked. It prevents ice from getting dispensed even if the ice is dumped into the ice bucket. Some Samsung refrigerator models have a dispenser lock feature that prevents the dumping of ice. So check whether these features are activated and turn them off by referring to the user manual for instructions.

Raker in the Ice Maker

Some ice makers come with a raker, and if it has a chunk of ice lodged in, it results in your Samsung refrigerator ice maker not dumping ice. If you find any ice in this, remove it manually. Reduce any excess ice in the ice maker to enable the raker to move around the ice.

Since the raker is responsible for distributing the ice evenly before dispensing, it often prevents the formation of ice chunks. However, ice can get formed into large masses, and if this happens, the raker will go out of order. So, the ice maker making ice but not dumping it could also be due to a defective raker.

Check the Ice Dispenser

Check the Ice Dispenser

Samsung refrigerator ice maker not dumping ice can also be due to an issue with the ice dispenser. First, you should check inside the ice chute to see any masses of ice stuck inside. If there is, then try to break them gently, pour some warm water, or let it melt naturally with time. The dispenser might also get blocked due to the ice moving incorrectly, causing traffic without letting other cubes dispense correctly. So if this ice is not removed well in time, it would cause the formation of larger chunks of ice as they get blocked.

Auger Motor

Auger Motor

Inspect the auger motor located at the back of the freezer, and if it is frozen, this is the reason for the Samsung ice maker not dumping ice. Even though the ice maker creates the ice cubes, there is no device to push them out towards the dispenser and into the bucket since the auger motor is out of order. To get this running, press the lever that controls the auger, and the heat will melt the ice around it.

Although this fixes the issue at the moment, it is not a permanent solution. Next, find out why the water gets frozen behind the freezer, causing the motor to freeze along with it. The additional stress caused on the auger motor can damage it, while moisture penetration can cause permanent damage. To fix this issue, troubleshoot the defrost system or the temperature control components. If you have no experience in this, you can request Samsung immediate service to solve the problem for you.

Availability of Ice

Sometimes, this could be the problem if you didn’t look properly. Check the ice bucket to confirm that there is ice available in it. Sometimes you may consider the problem as an ice maker making ice but not dumping, while the real issue is that the ice maker is not producing ice at all.

So if there is no ice in the bucket, make sure the ice maker is turned on since there will be no ice if the function is disabled. If the shut-off arm malfunctions, then there won’t be ice as well. Inspect the defrost function of the ice maker because if it is faulty, then there would be no heat to part the ice from the ice mold and therefore, results in the Samsung ice maker not dumping ice.

Water Pressure

Insufficient water pressure can also be the reason why your Samsung refrigerator ice maker not dumping ice. You can test this by placing the ice bucket inside for 10 minutes and checking the water level. If it has not filled up to 2 – 3 cups, then it implies that the water pressure is not sufficient. Check and set the water pressure to the required level and inspect whether the issue has been solved. If not, check the valve solenoid for power and continuity using a multimeter. If there is an electrical defect, you should take the necessary steps to fix or replace the components.

Which Other Parts can be Faulty?

If you have tried troubleshooting the ice maker using all the above methods and still have issues, you need to check the following parts. If you find these parts to be defective, you should consider them well before replacing them as they are very expensive. Depending on the situation of your ice maker, it would even be beneficial to purchase a new ice maker as it can be more cost-effective than the repair.

  • The Ice Maker Module: This consists of a motor that removes ice out of the ice maker mold tray. Your ice maker will not dump ice if this motor is faulty.
  • The Ice Maker Mold Thermostat: This is responsible for monitoring the temperature of the ice maker mold tray. If the thermostat is defective, once again, the function of dispensing ice would be obstructed.
  • The Ice Maker Mold Heater: This heats the mold and allows the ice cubes to dispense easily. If the mold heater fails, the ice will not be dispensed into the ice bucket. 

Turn the Ice Maker Off When not in Use

Turn the Ice Maker Off When not in Use

You can optimize the function of the ice maker by keeping it turned off when not needed. This prevents problems and helps increase the longevity of the ice maker. However, if used often, make sure to service it regularly and maintain it accordingly.

Resetting the Ice Maker

If all troubleshooting fails and your Samsung refrigerator is still unable to dump ice, then you can test or reset it. To do this, press and hold the button on the side or front of the ice maker. A chime sound will indicate you to release the button, and then you can test whether the issue is solved. If the reset did not work, disconnect the unit from power and wait for about two minutes before plugging it back into power. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about  Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker

What is the freezer temperature necessary for an ice maker?

The freezer temperature should be from 0 to 5 degrees for optimal ice cube production.

How often should an ice maker make ice?

This would depend on the size of the ice tray and the cycle time of the refrigerator. For example, a good refrigerator would produce 8 to 10 cubes of ice in 90 minutes.

How do I unclog my ice maker water line?

Shut off the water valve in the water-dispenser and icemaker lines. Then take off the ice bin and remove the ice. Next, pour 3 to 4 cups of white distilled vinegar into the ice maker and dispenser lines. Let it soak for five to 10 minutes to break down the lime, and the water line would be cleaned.

How do you unfreeze an ice maker fill tube?

Place the hairdryer near the icemaker fill-tube located at the back wall of the freezer. Use the high setting of the dryer and hold it close to the fill-tube until water starts to drip. Then the ice on the tube would fall into the freezer.

Why is my LG French door refrigerator ice maker not dumping ice?

Start by checking the icemaker switch as the switch frequently gets turned off by accident. If the switch is turned on, check the switch for continuity with a multimeter and replace it if needed.


You can troubleshoot your Samsung refrigerator ice maker not dumping ice, using the indications provided here. If you cannot troubleshoot on your own, get help from a professional technician. If it does not solve the issue, you should contact Samsung and request immediate service to fix your ice maker. If you are planning to purchase a new refrigerator with added functions, avoid these Worst Refrigerator Brands in the market.

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