7 Washing Machine Brands To Avoid (Buy These Instead!)

Just as in all other products, there are also washing machine brands to avoid. This may be due to various reasons depending on the performance, electrical consumption, and unreliability. Purchasing a product that does not meet your user requirements is itself wastage. Most often, such washers not only let you down in their functionality but also consume a lot of water and electricity, giving you larger bills in the long run. Therefore, you need to eliminate these worst brands to find the most dependable washing machine. 

This guide is compiled to help you eliminate the bad choices and focus better on the good choices available in the market. We also bring you the important factors you need to consider when choosing the ideal appliance. Then most importantly the safety factors that you should remember are also included here. This would help you find all solutions for your concerns on finding the ideal model from the most reliable washing machine manufacturer.

7 Washing Machine Brands to Avoid


Some washing machines tend to have many problems that cause discomfort among users. So, it is recommended to avoid purchasing these flawed products. Let’s identify what these worst washing machines are.

  1. Costway 

Costway washing machines take pride in their small size and ability to fit into compact spaces. Due to this, they have higher portability. But these washing machines have been rated poor due to some features.

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Need to shut off manually and drain off water for each load
  • The washing machine is too short to get a water source
  • So, need extension codes for the use
  1. Deco
Deco washing machine
Deco washing machine

The Deco washing machine also looks elegant and compact. However, they too have some complaints which make it one of the worst washing machines.

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Unexplained stopping at the middle of the washing cycle
  • A blank display upon power on
  • Incomprehensible buttons
  • No beeping sounds as indicators
  1. Danby
Danby washing machine

This was also a reputed brand but only until the model DWM04WDB ruined its name. This has been one of the worst creations by this company, despite the fact that its energy star rating is above average.

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Rough washing
  • Water leaking
  • No see-through window
  1. Electrolux
Electrolux washing machine
Electrolux washing machine

Even though Electrolux has become a fast-trending brand, the washing machines seem to have certain drawbacks which affect negatively. Therefore, this is among the washing machine brands to avoid.

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Moderate load capacity
  • Slow performance
  • No responsive customer service
  • Expensive price
  1. Speed Queen
Speed Queen washing machine

The positive aspect is that these washing machines are considered to be the most long-lasting type. However, there are some defects in this model.

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Low efficiency in dirt removal of clothes
  • Poor spinning and drying performance
  • No fast cycle option 
  • No wooly-item cycle option
  • Absence in auto-sense of water level
  • No time remaining display
  • No delay timer
  • Expensive price
  1. Summit – SPWD2201SS (Front Load)
SPWD2201SS (Front Load)
SPWD2201SS (Front Load)

The Summit washing machines are also well-known for their durability and efficient dryers. But there are some defects in the build which make it one of the worst washing machines.

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Spins very slowly
  • Takes more water even for simple cycles
  • Issues in the dryer
  • No water level detector
  • No load sensor
  • Neither cost-efficient nor energy-efficient
  1. Whirlpool (Top Load)
Whirlpool WTW5000DW
Whirlpool WTW5000DW

This is a world-renowned brand for home appliances. However, some models tarnish this reputation. Even though this has a good build, the following conditions affect its performance and listed it in the washing machine brands to avoid.

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Difficulty in connecting to and disconnecting from Wi-Fi so often
  • Low performance in dirt removal of clothes

3 Most Reliable Washing Machines

Since the worst washing machines discussed above have lower performance, we will introduce some better products that you can rely on. These brands have been selected on high customer preference and quality standards.

  1. LGWM3488HW (Front Load)
LG - WM3488HW (Front Load)
LG – WM3488HW (Front Load)

This is a South Korean brand, established in the 1950s that has earned its reputation as one of the most reliable manufacturers of many appliances. LG offers highly rated washing machines of both top and front load washer types. They also have an elegant design in their products, with more cycle options, and easy operating ability. They have a high energy-star rating. The prices would range from $600 to $4,000 depending on the model, design, and added features. Most consumers review that LG is the most reliable washing machine manufacturer.


  • Many customizations
  • Speed cycles
  • Excellent stain removal
  • Option for Smart technology integration


  • Longer cycle times
  1. GE – GTW685BSLWS (Top Load)
GE – GTW685BSLWS (Top Load)
GE – GTW685BSLWS (Top Load)

GE stands for General Electric and is an American company that manufactures various home appliances. This is another reliable brand that has many positive product reviews and very rare bad reviews.

The GE front load washing machines have had a collective consumer rating of 95% in early 2021. Similar to the previous brand, this too has sleek designs and offers many home appliances. Most of these products have high-end features and high energy-star ratings. These products are also available at reasonable prices.


  • Best for huge loads
  • Low water usage
  • Excellent cleaning performance
  • Option for Smart technology integration


  • Energy consumption is high
  1. Maytag
Maytag washer
Maytag washer

This was a brand established in the 1800s. Maytag is an American manufacturer that creates products in the United States and Mexico. This brand has been acquired by Whirlpool in 2006. The Maytag washing machines are rated 5 stars very often on major reviews platforms. Most of these feedbacks include their high reliability, cost-efficiency, and customer-friendly nature of products. They also have new models with smart features such as Wi-Fi connectivity, vibration control and also have very quiet performance.


  • Excellent washing performance
  • Excellent stain removal
  • Many customizations


  • Energy consumption is high

What Should I Look for When Buying a Washing Machine?

Choosing a washing machine should be done after considering certain factors. You should always look for the enhanced features and the upgraded build of the model. Going for a reputed brand is also a major concern. So here is a complete guide on how to choose a suitable washing machine.

  1. Washing Machine Type

In case you didn’t know, there are three types of washing machines.

Top-Load Washer

These are the traditional washers with a washtub moving back and forth. This is also the most preferred type of washer. 


  • Low risk for mold buildups and hence cleaner
  • Large tub size allows more room for laundry
  • Faster execution


  • Consumes more water 
  • High energy consumption
  • Has slower spin
  • Expensive 

Impeller Washer

The impeller washer works on a spinning disc. It spins the load in heavy waves. This has a low profile than top-load washers and treats clothes more gently. 


  • More energy efficient
  • Uses 50% less water than normal washers
  • Consumes less detergent 


  • Expensive 
  • Has a longer running time for the process

Front-Load Washer

This is designed to be more energy-efficient than other types. This washer is gentle on clothes but effectively removes heavy stains on clothes. 


  • The compact build is suitable for small spaces
  • Have an option to stack with dryer counterpart
  • Requires less water per load
  • Energy-efficient 


  • Need to bend down to insert laundry
  • Might need pedestals to lift the machine as a potential solution to above
  • Expensive 
  • Has shorter lifespan 
  • Longer running time
  • Water puddles in the door crevices
  • Potential mold growth and foul odor
  1. Load Capacity

The load capacity of a washing machine is its internal tub volume. It is measured in cubic feet. In the normal range, a capacity of 2.5 to 4.5 cubic feet can hold up from 10 to 16 pounds of the laundry load. So the choice of load capacity should be determined by the household size. A larger tub size would be required if items such as curtains and rugs are washed frequently.

  1. Washer Size

The washer size is the amount of space consumed by the washing machine in your laundry area. The usual range of sizes is from 24 to 27 inches. So you can set up a suitable area if you know the washer size of your washing machine. Make sure to position your washing machine so as not to block doorways or hit the walls when opened.

  1. Energy Efficiency

This determines the electricity bill. The power consumption rate of the washing machine would decide whether it is energy-efficient or not. You can easily identify this from the energy star rating indicated on the product. There are Energy Star labels offered by the U.S. Department of Energy. The highest ratings are usually in the front load washer types. There are also other high-efficiency types with better energy star ratings. Energy efficiency would also improve the environment. Choose a product that follows the government’s energy efficiency standards. In a qualified state, machines with energy star label stamp approval may offer a rebate of up to $300.

  1. Features

Some additional features should be referred to. These factors determine the efficiency of the washing machines as well. Check out the following features to find whether the product matches your requirements.

An NSF International Certified Washer/ Hot Wash Cycle

If the product is an NSF International certified machine, then it has a sterilizing and hot wash cycle that can kill 99.9% of bacteria.

Quick Wash Cycle

This feature offers a saving of washing time by 20 to 25 minutes. It is ideal for busy people with tight schedules. This is also suitable for washing clothes that do not need to be washed heavily and thoroughly.

Stainless Steel Drums

This durable washing drum is most beneficial for laundry with zippers and buttons. This is also ideal for washing heavy loads frequently.

Bright Control Panel

With a well-lit control panel, you can use your machine even in a dark corner of your house. You can easily locate your washing machine even when the lights are turned off.

Noise Reduction

If you are using your washer close to your living room or bedrooms, then you should go for a model with a noise reduction feature. The washing machines with vibrate reduction facility also support this feature of noise elimination.

Advanced Wrinkle Care

This affects the process of how laundry is done. Unwrinkled clothes can be taken right out of your washing machine if it uses a gentle tumble and hot steam. This would save time for ironing clothes, especially when you are in a rush. Even if you still choose to iron your clothes, you can save the time you spend to eliminate the wrinkles.

Allergen Cycle

If there is a person with asthma or similar allergies, then removing the dust and pollen thoroughly from the clothes is very essential. Since it is very common to have dust and danger get latched on to clothes, this special wash cycle can be used to remove those allergens from the fabric. This feature would only be available in the latest model high-end washers.

Other Preset Functions

Additional preset functions would be required to meet your personal needs. 

Considering the material of clothes, a hand wash cycle would be more suitable for fabrics such as silks, cashmere, linen, and other delicate clothes.

The presoak cycle would be helpful if there are kids who would get their clothes dirty very often. 

You can also choose longer wash cycles and also auto-adjust temperature features. However, you need to keep in mind that cold water temperatures below 60 degrees might not dissolve powder detergent effectively.

  1. Features to Avoid if not Needed

Even though additional features seem to add value to the product and increase efficiency, it may not be the case always. Sometimes, certain unnecessary features cost you extra money without getting any notable benefits. The following are some of these features that you should include in your product; only if you really need them.

Extra Wash Cycle

This would increase your wash time while consuming additional water and electricity. So if you don’t want extra wash cycles for your daily laundry, you should avoid purchasing products with this additional feature.


Touchpads would come in various advanced options. However, the enhancement of touchpads would not have any impact on the efficiency of the machine. It would merely increase the cost of this feature.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

This feature allows you to control the washing machine remotely. You can let the clothes soak and then control the running time even while doing some other work in the living room. There is also the ability of the machines being operated through smart assistants such as Google or Alexa using voice commands. If you prefer walking to your washing machine and don’t need a remote control, then you can cut off the cost of this additional feature.

  1. Cost

The cost of investment in the washing machine includes both the initial payment for buying and the cost of maintenance and repair down the line. So, it is always better to consider this and purchase a satisfactory product that would not have many premature repairs. The cost would also vary upon your other plans such as the duration you are planning to keep the machine. A larger investment would be better if you are planning to buy the product for your permanent home. If you are a renter or planning to move out in few years, you can spend a little less. However, make sure to avoid purchasing the worst washer and dryer at all costs. 

Washing Machine Safety Tips

After choosing your ideal washing machine, there are some additional precautions you should care about. Following proper safety measures is essential for the safety of both the user and the product. So here are some washing machine safety tips that you would find useful.

Check the Power Supply

Do not leave the machine with power on. Make sure to remove the power supply after every use. If your washing machine’s power cord or plug is damaged, get it repaired by contacting a service center. This would save you from any possible hazards.

Examine the Pockets of Clothes

Before you load the clothes, make it a habit to go through the pockets and empty them. Make sure that there are no hard and sharp items that might damage the machine. Avoid running the machine with clothes containing coins, pins, screws, and nails at all times, as it may damage the interior of the washer.

Keep the Door Closed

This should be a mandatory step if you have kids and pets at home. Keeping the door closed, especially if you are using a front-load washer can save you from injuries and damaged equipment. Even though you might close the door by instinct, it is always better to double-check. After all, it is better safe than sorry.

Do not Overload

Never overload your washer with clothes as it increases the pressure on engines, making it get overheated due to increased work. You can prevent this by using the heavy load rinse feature of the washing machine. Do not pile up the clothes and try to wash them all at once. Washing your clothes more frequently in lesser loads can also solve this problem.

Clean Lint Filter

Regular cleaning of the lint filter would help run the appliance smoothly. It would help the water pipes function well without any blocking. This can remove any scum formation getting deposited. Also, check the other areas such as door crevices where water might get collected, and wipe them off with a clean cloth. 

Avoid Excess Detergent

More detergent would not mean cleaner clothes. It is not right to add a large amount of detergent to clean your greasy clothes. It would not happen that way and might bring you negative results. So you should avoid excess detergent as it can even get stacked and be a reason for clogging.


When it comes to sudden breakdowns in your washing machine, never try to repair it on your own. Since a regular person might not know the exact issue, things can get worsened. These products need properly experienced people to fix the issues. So contact a professional appliance fixer to get your machine fixed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Apart from knowing all about the brands, choosing factors, and safety tips, there are some frequently asked questions. As a proper buying guide, we have included these questions and answers that you might find useful.

What is the Quietest Washing Machine?

Some brands have very quiet models of washing machines. They have used proper noise-reduction techniques for this. Some of these washing machines are:

  • Bosch 
  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Haier
  • GE

Who is the most reliable washing machine manufacturer?

Samsung and LG are the most reliable brands. Some researches have shown that percentage of service required by these brands is even less than 8%. They can also be repaired and maintained easily.

Which is better; LG or Whirlpool?

Both these brands offer high-quality products. It is difficult to recommend a better brand as they have distinct features. So if you want to choose the better one, you should try comparing the models of these two brands based on your requirements. However, LG can be more reliable than Whirlpool.

What is the best brand of top-loading washing machine?

The best type of washing machine depends on certain aspects. Here is an overall assessment.

  • Best overall performance: Samsung and GE
  • Best budget: Amana
  • Best efficiency: Maytag
  • Best high capacity: LG
  • Best compact model: GE
  • Best with steam cycle: Samsung
  • Best for multitasking: GE
  • Best in energy efficiency: LG

Is liquid detergent better than powder detergent?

In general, there are is no good or bad choice between liquid and powder detergents. Both can be used equally in the washing machine. However, liquid detergent can offer the benefit of less detergent clogging. In addition, liquid detergent can also be a better solution for greasy and stained clothes. Powder detergents are a better choice for muddy clothes.

What are the best-rated detergents for washing machines?

If you are looking for the best type of detergent for your washing machine, the choice would also vary depending on the application. Here are some of the best detergents that offer specific cleaning solutions.

  • Best liquid detergent (overall): Persil Proclean
  • Best powder detergent (overall): Tide with bleach
  • Most ideal single-dose detergent: Tide 3-in-1 detergent pods
  • Best value detergent: Kirkland Ultra Clean
  • Most ideal for baby clothes: Dreft Newborn detergent
  • Best suited for dark-colored clothes: Woolite All Darks
  • The ideal deep cleaning detergent: Tide Power pods Hygienic Clean

Are touchpad controls better than dials?

Yes, touchpads give immediate signals and feedback when compared to manual dials. You can easily know the cycle time and control status. Touchpads would also give error blinks and save you the time of detecting problems in your washing machine.

Are front load washing machines better than top load washers?

Usually, the front load washing machines are considered to be better than top load washers. They have many benefits such as less soap and water consumption, and less drying time. So despite being more expensive, these washers would be more beneficial in the long run.

How many clothes should be put in the washer?

The answer for this would depend on the type of washer. The top load washers can be filled loosely until the load reached the agitator. In front load washers, clothes can be filled completely, using all the space. This is another benefit of front-load washers.

Are extended warranties worth the money?

It is not necessary to buy an extended warranty. But if you encounter many premature, simple repairs very often, then it would be worth the expense. Use your free warranty offer completely, before you buy an extended warranty. Through this, you can make the most out of your extended warranty.

How long should a washing machine last?

Most of the time, a good washing machine would last over 14 years at a usage frequency of 5 to 7 times per week. However, the washing machine brand named Speed Queen has got the highest review for long-lasting up to 25 years.

Are agitators good in washing machines?

Agitators are good if you can minimize the risk of damage to your clothes using safety measures. Washers without agitators would be gentler to clothes.

Why would the washing machine rock?

Putting very heavy laundry such as blankets or trousers would cause this problem. During a cycle, the laundry might get unbalanced as it gets bounced up to one side. This causes the washing machine to rock. It would be solved when the load gets redistributed.


Washing machines are one of the most dependable home appliances as they can be used for years. The correct model can enhance the living standards by making life easy in household work. However, choosing the wrong brand can bring you both money loss and additional trouble. Therefore, it is essential to pick the right choice when selecting a model of a washing machine to reduce your laundry efforts. Do not be tempted by discounts or similar offers given by sellers and make the wrong choice. Always try to find the optimum solution based on your requirements. It’s better not to settle for anything more or less.

We hope this guide enlightened you on this matter and helped you choose the right product based on your personal requirements and preferences. For similar guidance in choosing ideal home appliances, refer to Refrigerator Brands to Avoid. You would also be interested in Worst Tire Brands to Avoid.

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