6 Basic Indesit Washing Machine Problems And Troubleshooting

It is easy to troubleshoot Indesit washing machine problems if you know the correct details. As these washing machines provide economic and efficient washing cycles, it is necessary to fix these problems to increase the longevity of the appliance. Use this guide to get your problems solved easily by yourself. If you find the problems to be intense and need repair work, do not hesitate to contact a professional.

List of Indesit Washing Machine Problems


These are some of the most common Indesit washing machine problems that can be fixed easily. You can troubleshoot them easily with the help of this guide.

1.Washer is Noisy

Washer is Noisy

It is usual for a washing machine to be quite noisy. But if you notice this sound to be louder than the normal level, then you might need to pay attention. There could be several reasons for this. Here are the possible occurrences and how to clear them.

  • Loud noises are often caused by some objects left in the drum, such as metals or coins. So look out for any such things inside and remove them.
  • Another reason might be that the drain pump might be clogged. If you find it blocked, then clean the filter and remove the debris.
  • If your Indesit washing machine makes loud noises while being brand-new, then the issue might be with the installation. If it was not installed correctly, then there might be a lot of noise. So check whether the protection bolts have been removed before using your washer.
  • If you still can’t find out the issue despite checking all the above, then you would need help from an experienced technician, as it might be a technical problem. 

2. Why is the Indesit Washing Machine not Spinning?

Why is the Indesit Washing Machine not Spinning?

If your washing machine is not spinning at all, then the problem might be in the motor. It could even be a simple issue that can be fixed easily.

  • First, you should know that the machine would not spin if the load is either too big or too small for the spin requirements. So make sure to check the laundry load before anything else. Try out different load sizes as the latest washing machines have weight limits for loads.
  • The issue might be in the balance of your washing machine as well. Check whether it is unbalanced with the load. Most modern washing machines are built with this safety feature to protect the drum by avoiding spinning with an unbalanced load.
  • There are some other reasons behind this, such as malfunctioning door locks, drum nut loosening, and drain pump failure. This could also be due to suspension wear-out and a damaged plastic bracket at the back of the machine. You can also check for any of these possibilities before you call a technician.

3. Leaking Water

Leaking Water

This is one of the most frustrating problems in old washers. Here are some of the ways you can check this issue.

  • First, check for any leaks in the water supply hoses and drain hoses. Also, check the drum seals and the water pump for leaks. Don’t forget to check the connection between the drain hose and the drainage system. This is a common source that leaks water into the washer.
  • Make sure that the washer door closes tight, as this might also be a reason.
  • The use of excessive detergent might cause high foam flow and leakage. So make sure not to use too much detergent or poor quality detergent. If you are not sure about the quality of detergent, try switching brands.
  • Exceeding the water level due to an unbalanced machine might also be the reason for this. So check whether the feet of your Indesit machine are leveled.

4. Why does the Indesit Washer Smell?

Why does the Indesit Washer Smell?

A stinky washing machine would not clean your clothes well and even cause hygienic issues if it goes on for a long. The main reasons behind this are cold washes and liquid detergent. So here are some of the ways through which you can get rid of this issue.

  • Do not run your Indesit washing machine at low temperatures regularly. This would cause undissolved detergent to build up and cause bacteria which create the pungent odor in your washer.
  • It is recommended to run it at a temperature of 90 ˚F. Hot washes can kill bacteria and dissolve any detergent build-up. Doing it monthly can give you the best results.
  • Clogging and blocking of water lines can also create odor. Check proper connection of machine’s hose to under-sink plumbing and that it does not have any blocks.

5. Why does the washer stop during a cycle?

Why does the washer stop during a cycle?

If the Indesit washing machine often stops amidst spinning cycles, then the problem might be due to off-balance due to improper load distribution.

  • A spinning cycle may stop if the load is too heavy. Reduce the laundry load or re-arrange the clothes to complete the spin cycle of the washer. 
  • The washing cycle may also stop if the drain line is not positioned properly.
  • Check whether your appliance has a proper cold water supply, as this might also be a leading cause for stopping at mid-cycle.
  • The water supply issue in new Indesit washing machines is indicated by a flashing light or tap symbol. So you can easily configure the problems if you see this symbol.

6. Why is my Indesit Washing Machine not Draining?

Why is my Indesit Washing Machine not Draining?

Slow draining or not draining at all is another common one among the Indesit washing machine problems. This can be fixed easily by following these steps.

  • Check for any obstructions on the drain hoses and plumbing lines. Clean out any clogging and debris present inside. Make sure that there are no accumulations by checking the filter regularly.
  • Metals, coins, or similar objects contained in clothes would block the draining of water. So before you load the machine, make sure to check the pockets and remove any such material.

How to Reset my Indesit Washing Machine?

How to Reset my Indesit Washing Machine?

Sometimes, the Indesit washing machine troubleshooting would require the device to be reset. Follow these steps to do an Indesit washing machine reset.

  • Unplug and isolate the washing machine.
  • Turn on your washing machine using the ON/ OFF button.
  • Set the washer timer control to the Zero position.
  • Plug the appliance back in.
  • Switch on the power supply of the machine.
  • The display lights would flash now.
  • Turn off the washing machine using the ON/ OFF button.
  • Select the required program.
  • Turn on the machine back using the ON/ OFF button.

Error Codes of Indesit Washing Machines

Here are some of the Indesit error codes and their meanings. You can find a comprehensive detail in your manufacturer’s guide. 

  • F01 – Some or all functions won’t be selectable due to a fault with the electronic circuit board.
  • F02 – The drum would not rotate properly during the wash cycle due to a motor circuit problem.
  • F03 – Heating on wash or dry settings is stopped due to a temperature sensing fault.
  • F05 – The door would not open or open with water staying in the drum due to a waste pipe blockage or pump issue.
  • F06 – Unable to open or close the door, and the machine cannot start due to door lock fault.
  • F07 – A wash cycle would pause partway due to a heating circuit fault.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the door stuck in my Indesit Washing Machine?

If the machine detects water in the drum, it won’t release the door to open as a precaution to prevent water from flooding. If this is not the reason, then the issue might be due to a faulty door lock mechanism. Do not try to force open the door as it might damage all the door, lock, and the washing machine.

Why won’t the drum turn in Indesit Washing Machine?

A blocked pump or hose would be the cause for this. Cleaning the drainage system and hoses leading to the pump would fix this issue.

What does it mean when all lights flashing on the Indesit washing machine?

The flashing lights are designed to flash during a specific fault in the washing machine. If all lights of wash, rinse, and spin functions flash together, then it indicates an obstruction in the drain pipe. The fault might also be due to worn carbon brushes.

Why is the pre-wash light flashing?

The pre-wash light would flash if the washer cannot fill properly. The reasons would be blocks, damages, or leaks in the water supply hose. Check for any issues in the hose connections.

Why is the spin light flashing?

An unbalanced or overweight laundry load would cause the spin light to flash. You may have to redistribute the load manually to overcome this.


It is fairly common for washing machines to face issues despite being popular brands. You can easily figure them out as indicated in this guide. If these Indesit washing machine problems are minor and manageable, you can try to solve them. However, if you find the Indesit washing machine troubleshooting serious and complex, it is better to contact your technician who has hands-on experience on these matters. If these problems cannot be fixed and you need to replace your washing machine with a new one, make sure to avoid these Worst Washing Machine Brands when your purchase.

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