5 Worst Trombone Brands To Avoid In 2023

There are some trombone brands to avoid in the market. It is necessary to avoid these when finding the ideal musical instrument to learn, as the wrong choice would even end up one’s interest in music. The trombone is one of the oldest musical instruments that was developed in the 15th century and is still a popular choice. There are many good brands to choose from by examining the different qualities of the instrument. Choosing a good trombone might appear like a difficult task, but only till you find the correct information. This guide provides all details on what you should avoid and how to find the best trombone.

List of 5 Worst Trombone Brands to Avoid


These are some of the worst trombone brands that should be avoided when choosing. They are considered faulty due to various issues in the build and tone inconsistency. So make sure to skip these brands when purchasing.

1. Glory GTD-2

Glory GTD-2

These are popular in the market as the most durable trombones offered at reasonable prices. This is an Alto trombone with a B flat pitch. It is designed mainly for entry-level and intermediate students to suit their low budgets. However, there are certain issues in this trombone that make it one of the trombone brands to avoid.

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Inconsistent sound
  • Difficulty to tune might frustrate beginners
  • Inferior build quality due to being cheap
  • Difficulty in maintaining a pitch

2. Tromba TRB-BK

Tromba TRB-BK

This is another entry-level trombone made with strong ABS plastic. It is dent-free as the construction is very solid. Despite being available in many colors, there are negative reviews on the quality of the tones produced.

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Low sound quality than brass instruments as it is made of plastic
  • Difficult to operate as the slide action is not very smooth
  • The tones are not bright and might affect the performance
  • The plastic mouthpiece may not be efficient as a metal one

3. Ammoon Tenor Trombone

Ammoon Tenor Trombone

Even though Ammoon is a renowned brand in high-quality music instruments, not all their trombones are immune to defects. This has a brass gold liquor finishing and is designed for both entry and advanced students; however, the model B Flat has created dissatisfaction among the players.

Reasons to Avoid:

  • The build is fragile and gets dent easily
  • Inconsistent accuracy of pitch
  • Limited to the B Flat only
  • The low-quality grease make the sliding action is not smooth

4. Moz Tenor Trombone

Moz Tenor Trombone

Even this name might not be familiar; it is a best seller online. This is a B flat trombone with a nickel-plated finish and shiny silver appearance. However, there are some issues when purchasing this trombone listed in the trombone brands to avoid.

Reasons to Avoid:

  • The F attachment may be difficult to use for beginners
  • Inconsistent tones
  • Tones are not so bright
  • Inferior build quality

5. Merano WD427SV-MT

Merano WD427SV-MT

This is another simple Tenor trombone with a B flat pitch. This has an attractive silver appearance but with low performance. Despite being low cost and ideal for students with low budgets, this model has got the worst responses from students. 

Reasons to Avoid:

  • The low build quality of the horn
  • Inconsistent tones and not loud enough
  • Even professionals found it difficult to play
  • The weak build gets scratched and bent quickly
  • Rough slide action

Recommended Trombone Brands

Here are some of the best trombone brands that are suitable for choosing from. They are renowned for good-quality musical instruments for many years.

1. Edwards


The Edwards Instrument Company was established in 1989 and has created high-quality trombones to meet the needs of professionals. They guarantee the quality of their instruments, and the superior quality can be experienced by anyone who plays this trombone for few minutes. This being one of the best trombone brands is a good investment that can last for the whole music career of a player.


  • Made of premium grade materials
  • Precise manufacturing techniques
  • Clear and consistent notes
  • Trombones are impressively flexible and very free-blowing
  • Provide lots of adjustability and coloratura


  • Expensive due to custom work

2. King


King is also a very popular brand that has been around for over 120 years. It has been long before World War I and is renowned even at present. They create beautiful, consistent tones while being affordable at the same time. These high-quality instruments are used by students from their beginner level until their professional careers. Despite their long history, they produce instruments of the same quality as they were, many decades ago. 


  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Consistent tones
  • Easy to play
  • Durable
  • Affordable


  • It is more tailored for jazz and commercial playing than orchestral playing

Buyer’s Guide

Purchasing a trombone can be quite challenging as there are trombone brands to avoid. Try to avoid sponsored products as they might be biased, and you might end up with a poor model. Here is a comprehensive guide to help you choose the ideal instrument. To find the best trombone brands, you need to get a better idea of this musical instrument. 

Types of Trombone

Types of Trombone

There are 3 main types of trombones out of many varieties available in the market. They are namely straight tenor, trigger-type tenor, and bass trombones. Most players start with tenor trombones and move to the other trombones eventually.

  • Straight tenor: This has no tubing inside and simplest type of all three.
  • Trigger-type tenor: It has extra tubing within the main loop that makes the instrument longer and changes the tuning from B flat to F.
  • Bass trombone: This has a bigger bore and an additional second rotor that can extend the horn’s low end.

Bore Size

This is the diameter of the trombone’s tubing which should be considered when looking for a trombone. The bore size affects the playability and the overall sound of the instrument. Smaller bore size ranging from 0.500” to 0.525” is ideal for beginners to start from, as they are easy to play and need less air. The intermediate players can upgrade to a medium or larger bore trombone for better sound. Sometimes trombone players keep playing smaller trombones throughout their career, and it is up to their personal preference.

Does Brand Matter?

Does Brand Matter

The quality of the trombones depends a lot on the manufacturer. Certain reputed music instrument manufacturers have been recognized in the industry for high-quality products. These instruments are less likely to deteriorate over time and might be costly due to the customized products. For anyone with a tight budget might have to go for a less reputed brand with slightly low-quality instruments. However, not all reputed brands produce completely perfect trombones all the time. Sometimes there are trombone brands to avoid, even in popular brands.

Mouthpieces and Other Accessories

The mouthpieces slide oil, and slide lubricants are some of the accessories that a trombonist would need to change the sound of the instrument. Broader, deeper mouthpieces would create a richer tone required for orchestral players, while the shallower mouthpieces would be preferred by jazz players. So replacing the mouthpiece and checking is necessary before purchasing. 

Other Qualities of Trombone to be Checked Before Purchase

  • Slide Condition
  • Responsiveness/ Endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Intonation
  • Tone Quality
  • Build Quality

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Which trombone is the most common?

The tenor trombone or the straight trombone is the most common type. It is also preferred by beginners to learn.

Is trombone a B flat or C?

The trombone is a C instrument. It doesn’t read in B flat and is known as a Bb instrument as its first position harmonics are in Bb.

Is it good to purchase a used trombone?

Buying a slightly used trombone is acceptable as long as the mouthpiece is replaced before use. But you need to make sure that there are no additional expenses on repairs on the cost of purchase. If you are purchasing a used trombone on the internet, there is an additional risk as you don’t know the seller personally. So make sure to purchase from a reputed site or seller.

What are valve trombones?

They use valves instead of traditional trombone slides. These are preferred over slide trombones in certain parts of the world, such as Europe and South America. The valves make it fast and technically easier to play. As these are not generally used in school orchestras and bands, you might need to stick with a slide trombone for these occasions. 


Going for a cheap brand is not the perfect way to buy a good trombone. You need to know what trombone brands to avoid and what good selections are available for choosing. As you have identified in this guide, these considerations should match your requirement of purchasing a musical instrument. This is very important if you have plans to pursue your musical career. So make sure to avoid fraudulent sellers and visit a reputed manufacturer’s store to try your trombone. 

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