6 Basic Samsung Washer VRT Spin Cycle Problems: Troubleshooting

Different error codes are displayed when Samsung washer VRT spin cycle problems occur. The three error codes UE, UL, and dC, display when the washing machine has difficulty spinning. Samsung’s Vibration Reduction Technology specialty is the quietest in the spin cycle. As its name implies, it has less vibration during the operation. 

This article would help you determine the possible reasons and solutions for why your washer is not spinning. Try to troubleshoot your washer by following these indications, and if you find the problems too complicated, do not hesitate to call your technician for help. 

Ensure to disconnect your appliance from power before attempting anything to avoid any electrical hazards.

Samsung Washer VRT Spin Cycle Problems


These are the possible causes that might cause spinning problems in your VRT washer. Check these potential possibilities to troubleshoot your washing machine as different washers have specific problems that cause trouble in spinning.

Not Spinning Properly

samsung washer vrt spin cycle problems - Not Spinning Properly

When the Samsung washer spin cycle problems occur, it displays different error codes accordingly. One of the most prominent causes is that the washer is overstuffed with clothes, and the washer has difficulty spinning. It creates an unbalanced load in the drum of the washer. Sometimes the washer’s spin cycle is affected due to something stuck on the spinner.

To solve this problem, make sure to wash clothes with a limit so as not to insert too many clothes into the washer at once. Follow the indications and do not stuff clothes in one go. Instead, wash your clothes more frequently in small heaps. This helps your Samsung washing machine work and spin properly. It will also increase the quality of cleaning and help keep your clothes hygienic

Excessive vibrating

samsung washer vrt spin cycle problems - Excessive vibrating

You might find this problem in Samsung VRT top load washer troubleshooting. You will notice that the washer has started to vibrate aggressively while operating. This might be due to either the level not working properly or the shipping bolts not being removed. These issues can be fixed easily if you know how to prevent your washer from vibrating.

Make sure that the shipping bolts are removed during the installation. Check whether the appliance is properly leveled on the floor and adjust the legs with the help of a spirit level. Sometimes your washer would vibrate excessively due to the overweight of the laundry load. So, you can overcome this problem easily by following the necessary remedies, depending on the cause for vibration.

Loud and Noisy

samsung washer vrt spin cycle problems - Loud and Noisy

Being too loud and noisy is another issue among the Samsung washer VRT spin cycle problems. This is usually due to a loose nut on the bottom of the drum that makes the spinner wobble during operation. Check for any loose nuts or screws and tighten them to fix this issue.

Defective Pump

samsung washer vrt spin cycle problems - Defective Pump

When you have Samsung VRT steam washer problems, you need to check whether the water drains properly from your washer. There might be an issue with the drain hose being lower than the washer level since drained water could cause backflow. This can be eliminated by installing an air gap in the middle. 

A similar issue is when the water cannot drain even when the washing machine operates. Hence, the washer will try to spin without any success over and over again. This would happen if the pump is clogged, defective, or frozen. First, check whether any small items are blocking the way before moving ahead. Then you can check this by removing the drain pump from the setting and trying to rotate it manually. If it does not turn freely, then the drain pump needs replacement.

Damaged Backside Bracket

samsung washer vrt spin cycle problems - Damaged Backside Bracket

Another problem in Samsung VRT steam washer troubleshooting is when something is stuck on the spinner. The backside bracket holds the harness of the drum and can get loose or broken. In most cases, vibration is caused due to a loose bracket and needs to be repaired. However, this cannot be solved easily, and you need to get help from an appliance repair technician.

Faulty Door Lock 

samsung washer vrt spin cycle problems - Faulty Door Lock 

A faulty lock will not latch the washer door and lead to Samsung washer VRT spin cycle problems. This is because the washer cannot begin its operation if it doesn’t get the necessary feedback from the switch. So the spin cycle will try to spin but fail eventually and display an error code. You would have to fix a new door lock to overcome this problem in your washer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about samsung washer vrt spin cycle problems

How do I reset my Samsung VRT washing machine?

Unplug the washer or turn off the power at the circuit breaker. Wait for about 5 minutes until the electrical charge clears out of the washer. Then power it up again, and the washer will be reset. 

Why is my Samsung VRT washer not spinning?

If your Samsung washing machine does not spin fully or at all, it is most likely due to an unbalanced load. You can fix this by redistributing the washing load more evenly around the drum.

How do I get my Samsung VRT washer to just spin?

Turn on the power to the appliance, then press and hold the spin key for about 3 seconds until you hear a chime sound. Then select the spin level as necessary and press the Start/ Pause button.

How do I drain my Samsung VRT washer in an emergency?

  1. Unplug the washing machine from the power supply and open the filter cover.
  2. Unscrew the emergency drain cap by turning it to the left and pulling it out about 6 inches.
  3. Drain the water by collecting it in a bowl
  4. Reattach the drain tube by fixing the cap and replacing the filter cover.


These are the most common reasons for Samsung washer VRT spin cycle problems. As you have an idea of the possibilities, you can troubleshoot your VRT washer and decide whether the repair can be done yourself or not. If it is difficult to handle, contact your technician to get it done. You can also troubleshoot it yourself if your Samsung washer won’t drain. Make sure to avoid these Worst Washing Machines when purchasing.