Samsung Dryer Squeaking? – Easy Fix 2023

Samsung dryer squeaking might not be a common issue as they are known to be very quiet. This might often be due to a worn-out part that can be fixed easily. The possible sounds that might occur from your dryer are mainly categorized as squealing, thumping, rattling, or humming noises. Choose what describes your dryer sound and find the possible defective components along with their steps of troubleshooting. Ensure to follow necessary safety precautions and disconnect the appliance from power before you inspect any defects.

Samsung Dryer Sounds


samsung dryer squeaking

These are the possible sounds that you may hear from your dryer. If they are too loud and noticeable, it may be due to a potential defect in a component.

Rattling Sound

If you notice your Samsung dryer making rattling noise specifically, then it might be due to the following causes.

  • The dryer is unleveled: Try leveling the dryer as an unleveled floor can cause this sound when operating. Retract the leveling feet completely and then adjust them with a wrench. Use a spirit level to check the correct level. Adjust it to the minimum amount required to reduce vibration. 
  • The exhaust vent is loose: Another possibility is that the exhaust vent misalignment can cause it to wiggle when functioning. Check whether it rattles and if so, fix it correctly.
  • The dryer has something close to it: Make sure no part of the dryer is placed against anything. The rattling sound is common if it is resting against a wall or washer.
  • Loose items inside the drum: Look for possible objects inside the drum, such as coins or buttons. If the sound comes while running, stop the dryer and check for such loose parts inside.

Thumping Sound

If the thumping sound comes when the dryer is empty, it should be solved with professional service. If it happens while running, the noise is from the dryer’s contents and can be solved by checking the possibilities. Ensure the dryer is not overloaded and dry only one wash load at a time. This loud sound could be caused as the drying load thumps against the side of the dryer while the drum rotates. This can be reduced by turning the clothes inside out with buttons, snaps, or zippers. Also, fill the dryer drum only halfway of the available space. Balance the load by drying large items such as blankets and comforters one at a time.

Squealing, Squeaking, Grinding Sounds

The Samsung dryer making loud rumbling noise often happens when the dryer has a heavy load. This is because once the clothes are wet from washing, it adds more weight. In this case, stop the cycle immediately and take out some clothes to reduce the weight. So if you hear your Samsung front load dryer squeaking, you need to dry a smaller load at a time. You can also run the wet load through a spin cycle on the washer before putting them in the dryer as it reduces the weight of wet clothes.

Humming or buzzing sound

It is completely normal if you hear the dryer humming noise while running. This indicates that the blower motor is pulling out air. 

Possible Defective Parts 

If the sounds mentioned above are louder than normal, you need to check the possible defective components indicated here. One or more faulty parts may cause different squealing and grinding sounds.

Belt Tension Pulley

Belt Tension Pulley

The belt pulley is located at the end of the lever arm. It helps keep the tension on the dryer belt by allowing it to tumble the drum while holding the dryer motor securely. When this wheel drags on the lever arm shaft, you will hear your Samsung dryer squeaking. This eventually leads to the wheel locking completely. Then the roller will melt, and the dryer belt breaks. If this happens, the dryer will not start as the dryer belt switch prevents electricity from reaching the dryer motor.

This is where the dryer repair is necessary. So if you find that your dryer was making noise for some time and suddenly stopped starting, then the dryer belt pulley might be the problem.

Drum Support Rollers

Drum Support Rollers

As the name implies, the drum support rollers’ function is to support the drum while allowing smooth rotation with the weight of the load. The rollers drag on the roller shaft, similar to the pulley, which causes the Samsung dryer squeaking or grounding sound. If you hear thumping and grinding noises, it can be caused by one or more defective dryer support rollers. Therefore, replacing all the drum rollers is better, even if one dryer roller is bad.

Drum Roller Axle

Drum Roller Axle

Most dryers consist of two or more drum support rollers on the back of the drum. The drum roller axles can wear out over time, causing a loud rumbling noise. You can check this by turning off the dryer and removing the belt from the dryer. Next, try turning the drum manually and if it does not spin freely, check the roller supporters. If the rollers do not rotate correctly and wobble, the axles are likely defective. It is necessary to replace the axles and rollers as a preventive measure.

Blower Wheel

Blower Wheel

Blower wheel repairs are rare in Samsung dryers and can be identified easily. The blower, the fastest moving component, has a fast ticking or clicking noise. So if you experience the Samsung dryer making rattling noise, this might be due to an object placed next to the blower wheel. Check this and remove any objects positioned against the dryer’s blower wheel.



If you hear a dryer humming noise while running, it can also be caused by a bad dryer motor. You would find the motor stops shortly after starting and not working again until after some time. Moreover, it can make a humming sound when you start it. You can test this by following the necessary precautionary measures. First, turn off the door switch and push the dryer drum as support while starting the dryer. If the dryer runs you, then there is a high possibility that the dryer motor is defective.

Dryer Drum

Dryer Drum

If the dryer drum has cracks in the weld, the Samsung dryer makes thumping noises. It can also result in broken drum rollers. To check whether the drum is defective, open the top and rotate the drum to locate the drum weld. The dryer drum often breaks at the weld point in the front or rear roller indentation. But Samsung does not recall any dryers for this issue, and replacing the dryer is also quite expensive.

Drum Bearing

Drum Bearing

The function of the drum bearing is to support the dryer drum. However, it can wear out over time and make a squealing noise. To test this:

  1. Turn off the washer and locate the dryer belt.
  2. Remove it and try turning the drum by hand. If it rotates freely, the drum bearing might not be worn out if it is hard to rotate and makes squealing or grinding sounds when turned and, then the drum bearing should be worn out and damaged.
  3. Check the drum bearing and replace it if necessary.

Dryer Drum Felts

samsung dryer squeaking - dryer drum felts

The dryer drum moves on two felts bands located on the front and back of the dryer drum. These felt strips act as an air seal that allows proper airflow. It is supported by the drum rollers and allows the drum to slide freely. If your dried clothes have rust marks on them and find your Samsung dryer making loud rumbling noise, then it shows that the dryer is defective. Also, if the dryer is worn out, a lot of lint will be collected inside the dryer, which is a common issue in most dryers. Since dryer lint is the most common cause of dryer fires, this must be diagnosed and corrected soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About samsung dryer squeaking

Is it safe to use a squeaky dryer?

Squeaky dryers will not cause a dryer fire, but there is always a chance that you might have a fire hazard in any defective electrical appliance. So, using a squeaky dryer is relatively safe, even if it is irritating to be around.

How much does it cost to fix a squeaky dryer?

The average cost of fixing a squeaky dryer would be around $100 to $400. This amount may apply to most drum issues, including clogged vents or a faulty thermostat.

What does a bad dryer bearing sound like?

Bad dryer motor bearings give a squealing sound as they lose their lubrication. In addition, the bearings heat up and change their shape as they wear out with age. It might also squeak rhythmically as the dryer drum turns.

How long can a squeaky dryer last?

The average life expectancy of a dryer is only around 13 years. So, a squeaky dryer won’t last that long anyway due to these repairs that will probably cost more than what it’s worth.


You must have figured out the reason for your Samsung dryer squeaking while running. Make sure to turn off the dryer and disconnect it from the power supply before troubleshooting. If you cannot diagnose the problem or replace the components yourself, contact your appliance repair technician to do it for you.

If you have other issues with your washer, you can also troubleshoot and fix it by finding why your Samsung washer won’t drain.