Frigidaire Dishwasher Lights Blinking ?- 8 Easy Fixes

Most of the time, Frigidaire dishwasher lights blinking is not a major problem and can be diagnosed easily. Different lights indicate different causes, and once they are solved, you can start using your dishwasher again. Since the Frigidaire dishwasher blinking lights indicate different causes than other dishwashers, you should know the exact reason behind it. Therefore, knowing the correct cause is important since that is the only way to eliminate the Frigidaire dishwasher blinking lights. Consider the following factors to troubleshoot the Frigidaire dishwasher lights blinking issues.

Perform a Basic Reset


Before you get into detail about troubleshooting your dishwasher, you should perform a basic reset:

  1. Switch off the dishwasher and unplug it from power, or turn off the circuit breaker.
  2. Wait for about five minutes and restore the power to the appliance by turning on the switch.
  3. Restart the dishwasher, select a new cycle and check whether the problem is solved.

Start/ Resume Keypad

Start/ Resume Keypad

A special sensor in the Frigidaire dishwasher detects whether the door is closed properly or not. So, it is necessary to close the door properly and latch it before a cycle is started. If not, the Start/ Resume light will flash. If you see this light flashing, you should open the door and shut it again to ensure it is latched properly. Then press the Start button to start the cycle, and this should have solved the problem.

Clean Keypad

Clean Keypad

The notification of cleaned dishwashers is indicated by illuminating the “Clean” keypad. But if this sign is flashing on the keypad, it indicates a problem with the temperature of the water. To test the water temperature:

  1. Turn on your home hot water sink connected with the dishwasher.
  2. Using a thermometer, check whether the temperature of water is around 120 ˚F.
  3. If the water has a temperature below 120 ˚F, turn on your home heater to ensure the water temperature to be around 120 ˚F. You can turn on your dishwasher to check whether the problem is fixed.

But if you cannot change the water temperature and if the problem remains, you would need to call a plumber for help.

Hi-Temp Wash or Hi-Temp Rinse Keypad

Hi-Temp Wash or Hi-Temp Rinse Keypad

These options, named “Hi-Temp Wash” and “Hi-Temp Rinse” in a Frigidaire dishwasher, warm water for a cycle until the water reaches a specific temperature. If the “Hi-Temp Wash” or “Hi-Temp Rinse” button flashes during the water warming time, it indicates that the cycle has been paused. The buttons would stop flashing after the water reaches a certain temperature, and the cycle will be resumed.

Heating Element

Water is heated to a specifically selected temperature by the heating element. If water fails to reach the proper temperature within a pre-defined time, a light indicator on the control panel will flash. This indicates that something has gone wrong with the heating elements. Check the continuity of the heating element using a multimeter, and if the heating element does not indicate any continuity, then the heating element must have been burned out. Since these coils are not repairable, you would have to replace them to solve the problem.

Check Frigidaire Dishwasher’s Error Codes 

Check Frigidaire Dishwasher’s Error Codes

If your dishwasher is blinking even though the display window is working, you should check the display window for error codes. Then, refer to the user manual and consult the wiring diagram and tech sheet for more information. Follow the instructions indicated there as it is the best solution for your dishwasher.

Drain Pump

Drain Pump

The function of the drain pump is to remove used water out through the drain hose. If the drain pump is defective, it would not be able to drain out water. Your appliance indicates this as you can see the Frigidaire dishwasher lights blinking. Check the continuity of the drain motor using a multimeter to determine whether it is defective or not. As the drain motor is not repairable, you would have to replace the drain pump if it is found to be faulty.

Touchpad and Control Panel

Touchpad and Control Panel

If there are any issues with the touchpad or the control panel, you should first confirm that the display is working. If it is working, try pressing the touchpad buttons and check whether they respond. If you observe that some buttons don’t respond correctly, the entire touchpad and control panel can be at fault. After confirmation, you would need to replace these components. Sometimes the touchpads are sold separately from the control panel by certain manufacturers. Other manufacturers would need you to buy the touchpad and control panel together. If you cannot replace the touchpad separately, then replace both the touchpad and control panel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Frigidaire Dishwasher Lights Blinking Or Flashing

Why are the lights blinking on my Frigidaire dishwasher?

If your dishwasher has continuously blinking Start, Wash, or Clean lights, it would indicate that there are electrical or water flow problems. Some issues can be solved simply by resetting, while others would need more troubleshooting.

What is indicated if the Option LED is flashing on the Frigidaire dishwasher?

Flashing LEDs in Hi-Temp Wash and No Heat Dry/ Power Dry Off indicates a power failure. Press Start/ Cancel and select the desired options and cycle again.

Why is Status LED flashing?

The Status LEDs will flash when the door is opened, and you should close the door to get rid of this.


As you have gained an overall idea about the Frigidaire dishwasher lights blinking, you can troubleshoot your dishwasher easily. If you need more clarification on the blinking indications, you can refer to your user manual, as it would give you a specific solution for your dishwasher model. You would also find it useful to know the reasons why your Frigidaire dishwasher won’t start and how to troubleshoot them.

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