5 Worst Red Yeast Rice Brands To Avoid (Buy These Instead)

If you are prescribed a dietary supplement, then there are some red yeast rice brands to avoid. This is mainly due to issues related to the quality of products and negative feedback from consumers. So make sure to avoid these worst brands as they can cause adverse health effects. Use this guide to find the best supplements that can lower cholesterol levels.

List of Worst Red Yeast Rice to Avoid


These are some of the red yeast rice brands to avoid when purchasing. They have negative customer reviews and feedback in terms of their product quality. Some of them are even claimed to create side effects on the consumers.

1. Spring Valley Red Yeast Rice

Spring Valley Red Yeast Rice

This red yeast rice twin pack comes with 120 capsules of 600 mg. it is required to take 2 per serving and does not contain yeast, gluten, or wheat. However, the user reviews claim that there are many side effects such as stomach discomfort, headache, and lightheadedness occur as side effects. Some even have aches in joints and bones after taking these capsules. It is also said that this product was flagged by the Assistant Attorney General of New York and had been demanded not to sell in retail stores, including Walmart, since the advertised products are not contained in it. Click here to see the prices.

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Side effects after use
  • It does not contain the advertised products

2. Solaray Red Yeast Rice

Solaray Red Yeast Rice

This red yeast rice has been tested for any contaminants, impurities, heavy metals, and other major allergens. This is also certified by Nutraceutical’s laboratory for its purity, potency, and identity. This is produced in the company’s facility, and they say that their product is screened for Citrinin using UPLC-MS and non-irradiated. However, there are certain negative feedbacks from consumers. Click here to see the prices.

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Issues by consumers
  • Pains in the kidney area
  • Made in company’s facility

3. 21st Century Red Yeast Rice

21st Century Red Yeast Rice

There are 150 capsules contained in this red yeast rice brand. However, the greatest drawback is that there is not enough information about this. Therefore, this is among the red yeast rice brands to avoid. Click here to see the prices.

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Not certain whether certified
  • Not certain whether evaluated by the FDA
  • No confirmation on tested for impurities, contaminants, and other additives
  • Cannot verify ingredients
  • No product information is available

4. Now Foods Red Yeast Rice

Now Foods Red Yeast Rice

This contains 60 capsules of 1.2 grams of red yeast rice, yeast, cellulose, and silica. It is manufactured in such a way as to avoid Citrinin, which is a toxic byproduct of the process of fermentation. It contains magnesium stearate from the vegetable source. The requirement is to take 2 vegetable capsules as a dietary supplement 1 – 2 times daily with meals. It can also be taken with CoQ10 capsules, chewable lozenges, and soft gels for better results. Click here to see the prices.

Reasons to Avoid:

  • No source to declare it as a cholesterol-lowering supplement
  • No recommendations

5. Nature’s Aid Red Yeast Rice

Nature’s Aid Red Yeast Rice

This product comes in 30 capsules to maintain cholesterol levels and is suitable for vegans as it does not contain any dairy. It is gluten-free and has no GMOs. The capsules contain 10 mg of Monacolin K, cellulose, silicon dioxide, and magnesium stearate. It does not have any artificial colors or added flavors. It is also free from corn, wheat, starch, salt, sugar, soy, nuts, and lactose. Although the manufacturer claims it to be made from the finest non-GM-approved rice with efficacy and purity, there are some negative issues with this product. Click here to see the prices.

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Very low product ratings
  • Lack of user reviews
  • Efficacy cannot be verified

Recommended Red Yeast Rice Brands

Here are some of the recommended red yeast rice best brands that are suitable as dietary supplements for reducing cholesterol levels. They are also certified with a guarantee on their quality of products.

1. HPF Cholestene Red Yeast Rice

HPF Cholestene Red Yeast Rice

These red yeast rice capsules are used as a dietary supplement and are formulated to support healthy cholesterol levels. This product is produced by fermenting the Monascus Purpureus Went. It comes in 120 capsules, and the maximum of 4 capsules should not be exceeded per day. 


  • Gluten-free and Citrinin-free
  • No fillers, only the ingredient and capsule


  • No recorded cons

2. Arazo Nutrition Red Yeast Rice

Arazo Nutrition Red Yeast Rice

This is a dietary supplement that comes in 120 capsules that are tested for contaminants and impurities. The manufacturing is done through stringent screening. It creates a high-quality, pure source of red yeast rice. It helps to maintain healthy cholesterol levels due to natural ingredients and has no fermentation byproducts that harm the health.


  • Citrinin-free
  • It doesn’t need a prescription and can be purchased easily
  • High potency with 1200 mg per serving
  • Pure Monascus Purpureus extract
  • No fermentation byproducts
  • Produced in GMP-certified facility in the U.S.


  • No recorded cons

3. Nature’s Bounty Red Yeast Rice Pills and Herbal Supplement

 Nature’s Bounty Red Yeast Rice Pills and Herbal Supplement

This is a product of over 50 years of trusted quality as the best brand of red yeast rice. It is made with the purest ingredients upon scientific research. It contains rice flour, silica, yeast, and vegetable magnesium stearate. This product contains a premium formula and is lab-tested and audited by quality evaluation firms. Therefore, these products are of consistency, high-quality, and unrivaled excellence.


  • High-quality products
  • U.S. lab tested
  • Audited by USP and STr
  • Over 50 years in the industry


  • No recorded cons

4. Solgar Red Yeast Rice

Solgar Red Yeast Rice

This is manufactured by fermenting cooked rice with Monascus Purpureus yeast. It is suitable for vegans as they are gluten-free and are vegetable capsules. It is recommended to take these capsules with Coenzyme Q-10. 


  • No sweeteners, artificial flavors, or colors
  • It does not contain wheat, dairy, sugar, and soy
  • It contains no yeast or sodium
  • Capsules are non-GMO
  • KOF-K Kosher certified


  • No recorded cons

5. Weider Red Yeast Rice Plus

Weider Red Yeast Rice Plus

These rice capsules are designed to maintain cholesterol levels in the normal range. Additionally, it is recommended to exercise moderately. The phytosterols contained in this help reduce the absorption of cholesterol. These come in 1200 mg per two capsules that contain low sodium magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, medium-chain triglycerides, and soy. It also contains microcrystalline cellulose and cross caramel. It does not include Manacolin K.


  • Maintenance of cholesterol levels
  • It contains phytosterols that reduce cholesterol absorption
  • It contains low sodium magnesium stearate
  • This company is founded in fitness


  • No recorded cons

Buyer’s Guide

As you are aware of the red yeast rice brands to avoid and have an idea of the best brand of red yeast rice, you can narrow down your options when looking for the best. So to buy the most suitable product, there are some considerations that you need to pay attention to.

Legal Considerations

As these products are manufactured to be consumed by users, it is not easy to find whether a brand can be trustworthy or not. Bad products can cause harmful effects on health, and therefore, it is crucial to buy the best brand of red yeast rice when purchasing. The supplements are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

It is necessary to ensure that the products are made according to good manufacturing practices (GMPs). This includes cleanliness, potency, and stability of ingredients to make sure that there are no unsubstantiated claims about treating diseases. 

The Federal Trade Commission (FDC) ensures that there are no deceptive advertisements about the products by the manufacturers. However, such restrictions are bypassed by creative marketing practices and are controlled by the FDC.

Where to Buy Red Yeast Rice?

It is advised to buy these products from your nearest pharmacy or qualified health care professional. These can also be purchased from health food stores and large retail chain stores that have rigid standards for evaluating supplements. Therefore, only the quality and approved products would be available in these places.

What to Check Before Buying Red Rice Brands?

Check for the U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) label on the products you buy. This group sets the standards for the most popular supplements under the proper requirements. You can also check online for the analysis of ingredient contents of red yeast rice best brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is red yeast rice bad for your kidneys?

People with kidney and thyroid problems should not take red yeast rice as it may affect similar to the other cholesterol-lowering drugs work. People with musculoskeletal disorders, Liver diseases, and who are at higher risk of cancer should also avoid taking this.

Does red rice yeast raise blood sugar?

Studies show that consumption of red yeast rice supplements with a healthy diet can help reduce the blood sugar levels of people with type 2 diabetes. This is because it lowers the lipid levels in the blood.

Does red yeast rice cause inflammation?

Inflammation can be reduced with red yeast rice supplements, and it also promoted better health in the long term.


Just because the red yeast rice is natural, it does not mean that it’s completely safe or free from side effects. So make sure to consume these under proper medical prescription. Even though they may have no known drug interactions and have fewer side effects relative to statins, pregnant and nursing women should also avoid these. 


To get the proper benefits of red yeast rice to reduce cholesterol levels, it is necessary to avoid the worst brands and choose from the recommended good brands. Make sure to consult a physician before you purchase these products.

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