Want to Convert Gas Dryer to Electric? Easy Fix 2023

You can convert gas dryer to electric if you know the correct mechanism. You may need to do this if you move into a new house with only electrical connections for the dryer. However, converting these dryers is not cost-effective as they cost a lot. You can identify the key differences between these two dryers through this guide. Find whether it would be beneficial to convert or replace the dryer entirely with a new one.

Differences Between the Two Models


Gas dryer vs Electric dryer

The gas model dryers are either powered by liquid propane or natural gas. Gas dryers need 110V voltage while electric dryers need 240V, similar to twice the current needed by heating coils. In addition, venting both gas and electric dryers to the outside to emit hot air is necessary. There are ventless electric dryers, but they are expensive.

Installation Method

Gas model dryers need to have a gas line installed. The local utility company should do this with necessary lines and connections to underground gas lines. You can power the dryer with liquid propane instead so that you can have LP gas stored in a tank. If you plan to use this, you might need to know the cost to fill propane tank. A gas dryer needs to be installed by an experienced technician.

Electric dryers can be installed simply by plugging into a 240V power outlet. It comes with a plug consisting of three or four prongs. The disadvantage here is that sometimes the plug may not match the outlet, and some components might have to be changed based on it.

Working Principle

Both types of dryers use air, heat, and tumbling. Gas dryers use a gas burner for the heat generator, while electric dryers use a heating element. Natural or propane gas dryer models use an igniter to light the gas, which then blows hot air to the drum with a fan or a blower. The electric dryer has electricity passing through the heating coil, which heats itself and the air. 

Venting System

Dryers, both electric and gas, need to be vented to expel hot and moist air into the outside. If the dryer is not vented properly, your laundry room will be filled with lint and dust particles circulating about in the air. Gas dryer exhaust can be harmful if inhaled. So if you live in a place with restricted conditions where you don’t have a proper vent, you can use an electric dryer since they have ventless models. They don’t need to exhaust outside, and most of them come in compact sizes.

Which one is Cheaper?

Which one is Cheaper?

Electric dryers are less expensive than gas dryers. You can trade a gas dryer for a new electric dryer if you have a gas dryer. You can save more time and money with an electric dryer. But you need to be careful when you convert gas dryer to electric because if you do it wrong, you have lost hundreds of dollars in vain as you may not be able to use it correctly. It would have been better to sell your gas dryer and buy a new electric dryer.

How to Convert a Gas Dryer to Electric?

How to Convert a Gas Dryer to Electric?

The methods of operation in the two types are different from each other. For example, the gas dryer consists of parts such as the igniter and gas burner that are not present in the electric model. To convert gas dryer to electric, you need to remove all these parts and add various other components that make it electric. You should also know that the burner tubes, fuses, operating temperatures, and even the safety measures are all different. So can you convert a gas dryer to electric? Yes, you can, but you need to have proper knowledge about the appliances and electrical wiring since no conversion kits are available to convert gas dryer to electric.

If you need to know how to convert gas dryer to electric, you should first install a 240V, single-phase circuit. Then the gas line should be capped, and it is almost done. Finally, change the settings by replacing the controls, wiring, relays, and heating assembly. Check and replace any sensors and other components that need to be substituted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about how to convert gas dryer to electric

How do I know if my dryer is gas or electric?

You can identify this from the power consumption. The gas dryer uses the normal 110V to power the light, control panel, and drum. But the electric dryer requires 240 to generate heat, run the drum, control panel, and light.

Which is a better dryer, gas or electric?

Generally, gas dryers are more efficient than electric dryers since the gas dryers heat more quickly and generate more heat. This dries clothes faster than using electric dryers. If you want to save money on electricity, a gas dryer may be a good choice.

Do electric dryers produce carbon monoxide?

Electric dryers do not cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide and the possibility for poisoning only come from home appliances that burn gas, such as gas dryers.

What is the difference in the running cost between these two types?

The cost of drying a load of laundry in an electric dryer is between 32 and 41. A gas dryer will cost from 15 to 33 cents for the same.

Can you convert an electric dryer to gas?

Electric dryers can be converted to gas dryers, but they are not necessarily done. It would be beneficial to replace it with a separate dryer than changing components to convert it.


Depending on certain issues, it might be better to replace your gas dryer with an electric one. For example, gas would be more expensive than the cost of electricity in certain areas. So you can convert the gas dryer you already have to an electrical one by following the necessary technical steps carefully. 

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