Samsung Fridge Leaking Water: Easy Fix 2023

Samsung fridge leaking water might not be a very common occurrence as it is a high-end brand reputed for its reliable products. Nevertheless, it is normal for certain problems to occur even in the best brands of household appliances. These defects are caused mostly due to wear and tear of the appliances. However, sometimes this can also be due to weather changes resulting in different humid levels. 

If these water leaks occur in your Samsung refrigerator, you can easily fix the issue as indicated here. Ensure to unplug your fridge from the power supply before any inspection of components. Be cautious about water leaks since they can cause accidents and even electrical shocks through the conduction of electricity.

Where Does the Refrigerator Leak From?


Refrigerators have water lines plumbing from the water supply to the dispensers and ice makers. For regular refrigerators without these features, water gets leaked just as an air conditioner would. The cooling mechanism involves the function of a compressor that pressurizes and circulates the coolant. Then this coolant absorbs heat from the food items placed inside the fridge and cools inside. There are two cooling lines in a Samsung fridge, one in the freezer and the other in the fridge compartment. Hence, it is known as a twin cooling system.

Common Leaks on a Samsung Refrigerator

The best way to detect the cause of water leaking is by noting where you see the leak. For example, you may find water on the kitchen floor or in the crisper drawer. But, first, let’s see the possible causes of water leaking from refrigerators.

Leaking Water On Floor

samsung fridge leaking water

There are a few possible causes why your Samsung fridge is leaking water on the floor. Defects in the water inlet valve and defrost drain are more likely to occur. Very rarely, this can also happen due to an overflowing drain pan.

Water Inlet Valve

If you have a refrigerator with an ice maker or a water dispenser, this might be the cause. These refrigerators have water lines and inlet valves involved inside them. A defective water inlet valve would result in your Samsung refrigerator ice maker leaking water. It can even end up flooding the whole floor if left unattended. Check whether the piping is fitted firmly to the water inlet to fix this problem. If it’s loose or damaged, water could leak through the inlet valve. If the water inlet valve is defective, you need to replace it to overcome this problem.

Clogged Samsung Refrigerator Defrost Drain 

A lot of moisture is created when the new fridges defrost from time to time. A defrost drain tube is built inside to remove this water. But sometimes, these defrost drains can get clogged with ice or other debris. You can locate the defrost drain by referring to the user manual and cleaning it. Here are some tips on eliminating drain clogs.

  • Access the drain hole on the rear wall of the fridge by removing all shelves.
  • Flush some hot water in the drain to melt any ice and wash the debris accumulations. You can also use a solution of baking soda or bleach with water for this. 
  • If you hear water flowing down the tube into the drain pan, the tube is unblocked. 
  • If this doesn’t remove the blockage, the problem requires professional service.

Overflowing Drain Pan

The drain pan, also known as the drip pan, is located at the bottom of the fridge. It is used to collect any water inside the fridge and keep it from flowing on the floor, which would eventually evaporate. However, if there is too much water to be collected by this drain pan, it could overflow, and you would find the Samsung refrigerator leaking. Check the drain pan and empty it from time to time on warm days. But it would only solve the problem for a limited time. You need to check the cause of clogging and water leaking to eliminate this problem.

Refrigerator not in Level

Improper leveling is another possible reason for the Samsung refrigerator leaking water. If your fridge was newly installed, or your floor arrangement was changed recently, the appliance may be unleveled. The correct way a refrigerator needs to be placed is such that the front is slightly higher than the back. This arrangement helps the coolant flow easily. So if the refrigerator is not leveled properly, it needs to work harder to cool the fridge and create extra condensation around the coils. This results in water leaking onto the floor, which must be corrected by adjusting.

Water Dispenser Leaking

Samsung fridge leaking water - Water Dispenser Leaking

Sometimes, you would notice that the Samsung refrigerator water leak from dispenser. This can be due to air trapped inside the water dispensing system or the filter not being installed correctly. Since the water dispenser is located on the refrigerator doors, you would find these leaks often on the interior or exterior of the doors.

Air Trapped in Dispenser

This is a common occurrence in most newly installed Samsung refrigerators. If air has got trapped inside this system, you will notice the Samsung refrigerator water leak from dispenser. You can get rid of air bubbles by flushing the system through dispensing water continuously for some time. Then the air trapped inside would find its way out, and the leak should stop by this. As you should not waste water, collect the dispensed water to be used later.

Filter Installed Wrong

There will be filters installed in Samsung refrigerators with ice makers and water dispensers. If the filter is installed incorrectly, it will let the air into the water supply. Locate the filter by referring to the user manual of the fridge. Check whether the water filter is installed correctly. Follow the instructions in the manual to ensure this. After checking and fixing it properly, dispense some water from the dispenser until you feel that any air bubbles are cleared.

Water Tank Assembly Issues

It has been identified that water tank assembly issues cause most Samsung French door refrigerator ice maker leaking. The tank is where the water is filled from the house water supply until it is dispensed or used by the ice maker when needed. This can happen due to cracks in the water tank or defects in the tubing. These damages cannot be repaired and need complete replacement. It is impossible to do them at home and should be replaced only by a qualified technician.

Ice Maker Issues

If the ice maker does not make the desired amount of ice, it will result in the Samsung refrigerator ice maker leaking water. The average ice maker should make around two pounds of ice per day. If this process does not happen as intended, there could be water leaking issues.

Leaking Water Under Crisper Drawers

Leaking Water Under Crisper Drawers

The crisper drawer is where the fruits and vegetables are kept fresh. For this purpose, it has a different amount of humidity than the other parts of the fridge. The possible cause for this is a clogged defrost drain. If the defrost drain is clogged, you will find that water leaks not only on the floor but also into the refrigerator compartments, including the crisper drawer. In the event of internal leaks, water gets accumulated in the crisper drawer due to its design structure. Therefore, clearing the water from the drawer would not help as you need to attend to the cause of the leak and find a remedy.

Excessive Humidity

Samsung fridge leaking water -      Excessive Humidity

Sometimes, you might have noticed that your refrigerator leaks only on hot days. This is because excessive moisture can add to the normal water emission and create a visibly large water leak. Especially when water gets collected in the drain pan, the normal way is for the water to evaporate after some time. But if the humidity is high, more water gets collected on the pan and causes it to overflow and leak into other components. So you lessen the water accumulation by running a fan or air conditioning to lower the kitchen temperature on humid days. 

Leaking From Filter

samsung fridge leaking water - Leaking From Filter

The filter itself could also cause the Samsung fridge leaking water. In addition, water may leak from the filter if it is not installed correctly, cracked, or damaged. 

Improper Installation of Water Filter

As mentioned before, incorrect installment of a water filter can cause water to seep into the dispenser system. Misalignments in the water filter can also be why your Samsung refrigerator leaking water. This should be checked first if you find water leaking from the dispenser.

Cracks in the Filter Head

Sometimes your refrigerator’s filter head might be cracked, through which the water leak may occur. You might have purchased a defective filter unknowingly. Even if it gets damaged afterward, you may not see it as the filter housing covers it. But you would notice it is defective only after your fridge starts leaking water. So make sure to check the filter head and replace it if damaged.

Damaged Filter Housing

The filter housing is what keeps the filter securely in place. Your Samsung refrigerator might leak water if the filter house is damaged. To check this, first, find the filter housing of your refrigerator. Use the manual to locate the filter housing if you cannot find it. If you have misplaced the manual, you can find it online using the fridge’s model number. Next, inspect any visible damages on the filter housing. If this is the case, you won’t be able to repair it easily by yourself. It would be best if you got the filter housing replaced by a professional.

Using Low-Quality Water Filters

Many off-brand water filters are sold online at lower prices by various manufacturers. Although it is way cheaper than the original part, they are often sold promising to be compatible with your model. Unfortunately, these low-quality parts are also a major cause of your Samsung fridge leaking water. So always purchase genuine replacement parts offered directly from Samsung. These parts are made ideally for the specific fridge models and fit perfectly. Although the original parts may be quite expensive than other cheap products, they ensure getting the job done well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about samsung fridge leaking water

Is a fridge leaking water dangerous?

It can be very dangerous if your refrigerator leaks water on the floor. There is a high potential for the risk of electric shocks or slipping if someone steps without noticing the water. 

Where is the defrost drain on a Samsung refrigerator?

The defrost drain hole is located on the back wall of the freezer. It is slightly above the slope of the floor at the back, in the center. You need to take off the plastic panel held in place by a screw to find the drain hole. 

What causes the freezer drain to freeze up?

When the water reaches the end of the drain, the water freezes as it is closer to the freezing temperature. Hence, the ice blocks and freezes shut the drain.

How do you unclog a freezer drain?

Use a screwdriver or a stiff wire to clear the ice from the drain hole. Next, force a stream of water into the drain hole using a syringe. This removes any remaining debris from the drain.

How much does it cost to fix a leaking refrigerator?

The average cost of repairing a leaking fridge is around $60 to $250.


As you have identified from this, water leaks occur due to the accumulation of condensed water for a long time. Water leaks are often seen when they flow across the floor or get filled inside the compartments at the bottom of the refrigerator. You need to attend to this before this ends up in a major electrical hazard or a slipping accident. Troubleshoot your Samsung refrigerator by following these tips and preventing it from occurring again. Make sure to purchase the original parts from a reputed dealer to ensure the longevity of your appliance. If the repairs or replacements are complicated for you to handle, get them done by an experienced technician.

Here are some Common Samsung refrigerator problems that you can troubleshoot yourself. You can also diagnose and fix a Samsung oven not heating by following the procedures indicated.