8 Quietest Wall Air Conditioners – Best Brands 2023

Selecting the quietest wall air conditioner is beneficial in many ways. A quiet environment with low background noise has less impact on health and hearing. It will also help you sleep peacefully and even increase the productivity of your work. Before choosing an air conditioner, it is necessary to find out the quietest air conditioners available. Finding the AC unit that best serves the money you invest is also challenging. This guide brings you the quietest wall ACs along with their features and specialties. You can also refer to the buyer’s guide to find the important considerations that should be taken into account when finding your ideal product.

List of 8 Quietest Wall ACs


The most common wall air conditioners are in a range of 8,000 to 14,000 BTU. Here are the quiet wall air conditioners suitable based on the area of rooms.

For Small Rooms of 300 – 400 Square Feet


quietest wall air conditioner - LG LT0816CER

This air conditioner has a cooling and heating system ideal for a small room. It has a capacity of 8,000 BTU and cools the space efficiently. Its sound generation is only 56 dB and the quietest in this range. It has a high durability with its anti-corrosion, gold fin protective cover. It has 3 different control speeds to keep you comfortable. It operates with an LED display, a simple control panel, temperature and fan speed selection with remote control. It offers a warranty of 1-year for parts and labor.


  • Anti-corrosion coating provides a protective shield
  • Highly durable
  • Universal fit for existing 26-inch wall sleeves
  • It has a simple selection control panel, easy to use


  • The estimated cooling area is 340 square feet

Koldfront WTC8001W

quietest wall air conditioner - Koldfront WTC8001W

This being one of the quiet wall air conditioners does not disturb your calls or meeting inside the room. It can cool an area up to 350 square feet as it has a cooling power of 8,000 BTU and electric heating power of 4,200 BTU. However, the heating is provided only as a supplemental to an existing heat source. It is fixed through the wall and helps avoid outdoor air seeping indoors, which sometimes occurs in window units. In addition, the different fan settings help the noise reduction naturally.


  • 2 years of warranty
  • The unit has 3 fan speeds and 4 operational modes
  • Energy saver mode and 24-hour timer


  • It doesn’t heat as required

For Rooms of 400 – 450 Square Feet


quietest wall air conditioner - LG LT1037HNR

This air conditioner has a cooling capacity of 9,800/ 10,000 BTU and a heating capacity of 9,200/ 11,200 BTU. This is a quiet through the wall air conditioner with no distractions for work and sleeping due to its low fan levels and less sound generation of about 56dB. It operates with a LED display of simple selection controls and remote control. This requires a special 230V, 20A electrical outlet for operation. It also offers a warranty of 1 year for parts and labor.


  • High heating and cooling capacities
  • Average cooling area of 450 square feet
  • It fits the standard 26-inch wall sleeves


  • Will not operate with a standard 115V electrical outlet

Perfect Aire 4PATW10000

quietest wall air conditioner - Perfect Aire 4PATW10000

This model has a special follow-me thermostat technology embedded in its remote control. The remote control has a sensor that detects the body temperature and circulates the cooling effect more to your location in the room. Thus, the remote acts as the thermostat, and the cooling are offered at a wide range in all directions. In addition, the three levels of speed in the fan help reduce the sound while working. This has cooling coverage of 450 square feet and offers a warranty of 1-year full replacement.


  • Easy cleaning with reusable air filters
  • Wide range cooling
  • Cools room easily and quickly


  • Confusing installation directions 

Koldfront WTC10001W

quietest wall air conditioner - Koldfront WTC10001W

This is another one of the quiet wall air conditioners that have minimal noise. Its refrigerant is R-410A which does not have Bromine or Chlorine in its composition. Hence, this is a safe and eco-friendly product considering the impact of other appliances on the ozone layer. The installation requires a WTCSLV wall sleeve which is not included. It has cooling and heating capacities of 10,000 BTU and 10,600 BT, respectively, for a coverage area of 450 square feet.


  • Control panel with digital display
  • Sleep mode and energy saver features
  • Easy-to-clean air filter


  • Requires 230V power outlet

For Rooms of 450 – 550 Square Feet

Keystone KSTAT12-1C

quietest wall air conditioner - Keystone KSTAT12-1C

This is another quietest wall air conditioner with an easy cleaning feature included. The front-mounted removable filter collects the dust particles around it. Since these wall air conditioners cannot be easily accessed compared to a window-mounted one, it can be challenging to clean them. In addition, the noise level is reduced by the three speeds of the blower fan. The thermostat-enabled remote control regulates the distribution of cool air in the room. It has a cooling power of 12,000 for cooling an area up to 550 square feet.


  • Energy star rated cooling
  • Front-access filter
  • Flexibility with 3 cooling modes


  • Noise level 56.5 dB in low operation and can increase up to 60.5 dB

Koldfront WTC12001W

quietest wall air conditioner - Koldfront WTC12001W

Although the noise level increases at its highest speed when the room gets cooled, the speed is reduced, and it becomes quiet through the wall air conditioner. In addition, the 4-way directional louvers help the cool air circulation at low speed. It has a cooling capacity of 12,000 BTU and 10,600 BTU heating over an area of 550 square feet.


  • A good energy rating for its size and capacity
  • 3 fan speeds and 4 operation modes


  • A sleeve should be purchased for proper installation as it is not included with the unit


quietest wall air conditioner - LG LT1216CER

This is the quietest wall air conditioner with a very low hum when working at the two lower speeds. The 4-way air deflection louvers do the cool air distribution. This uses R-32, the most efficient refrigerant in the industry at present. This has a cooling capacity of 11,800 BTU that cools up to 550 square feet. The easy-to-read digital controls come with a convenient 24-hour on/ off timer. In addition, it has an auto-restart function that automatically restores to the programmed setting when the power returns after a failure.


  • Quietest in the category
  • High energy rating 
  • Easy cleaning with removable air filter


  • Wall sleeve sold separately

Buyer’s Guide

Buyer's Guide for Top 8 quiet through the wall air conditioner

The air conditioner has a cooling unit that absorbs the hot air in the room. Then cooled air is released into the room while the absorbed heat is expelled outside through the conditioner’s vent. There are additional details that need to be known before you purchase a new air conditioner.

Factors to Consider Before Buying and Installing

These are the most important factors that should be considered when purchasing a new through the wall air conditioner. 

Noise Level

Ears can be damaged by a one-time exposure to high noise and long-term exposure to low-level sound. The standard exposure time that has the least impact on hearing loss for about 70 – 80 decibels is around 8 – 10 hours. As the normal air conditioners have 60 dB, it is beneficial to go for the quietest air conditioner possible. 

Room Size

The unit for measuring the efficiency of an air conditioner is BTU, which stands for British Thermal Units. It is used to determine the performance of the air conditioner. First, check the unit that can cool your space efficiently so that you don’t need to spend unnecessarily on electricity. Generally, an AC needs 20 BTU per square foot, which is indicated in the table below.

Area to be cooled in square feetBTU needed
100 – 150 5000
150 – 2506000
250 – 3007000
300 – 3508000
350 – 4009000
400 – 45010,000
450 – 550 12,000
550 – 700 14,000
Table 1: BTU needed by the area to be cooled

Here are some other requirements that need to be adjusted in this sizing.

  1. Heavily shaded rooms need 10% less capacity
  2. Rooms illuminated with direct sunlight need 10% more capacity
  3. If more than two people stay in a room, add 600 BTU for every additional person
  4. Increase capacity by 4000 BTU for a unit fixed in the kitchen

Operating Modes

Choose an air conditioner with additional features such as a dehumidifier and fan rather than purchasing them separately. It will help remove excess moisture in the air, reducing mold formation. In addition, it makes the surroundings comfortable on hot days with high relative humidity. The heating feature is supportive on cold days.


The more the rating, the better the energy efficiency of your air conditioner. The energy efficiency rating for quiet wall air conditioners is around 10.3. Purchasing an AC unit with better energy efficiency implies that you need to spend less on your electricity bills.


Apart from choosing the quietest air conditioner, you also need to check the ease of maintenance. It will not give you the required outcome if it is difficult and costly to be maintained. Instead, choose an air conditioner with removable filters for easy cleaning purposes, which you can do yourself.

Programmable Control

Choosing an air conditioner that can be programmed to turn on and off at required times is beneficial. This helps schedule turn off even if you leave home without turning the AC off. You can even monitor the energy consumption and temperature with some Alexa-compatible air conditioners. 

Benefits of Wall Air Conditioner

As these air conditioners are fixed on walls, they require a sleeve. However, they do not block the view through windows like in window ACs. These fit tightly and are permanent installations. This air conditioner loos modern as it matches the walls with no bulkiness. It is ideal for a small room and quieter relative to window air conditioners.

Drawbacks of Wall Air Conditioners

These are louder than split air conditioners and need an additional cost for sleeve installation. In addition, Wall ACs are quite difficult to be removed in any need of repairing. They also have a limited cooling capacity when compared to other air conditioners. For example, the cooling capacity of window ACs ranges from 5,000 to 34,000 BTU, while that of wall ACs is from 8,000 to 24,000 BTU.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about quietest wall air conditioner

How can I make my wall air conditioner quieter?

An air conditioner can be made quieter by choosing the installation location carefully. Avoid installing it in narrow corridors and corners that will reflect the sound. You can also use a Noise Blanket around the compressor to reduce the noise without compromising its performance or efficiency. Install Noise Barriers that can absorb sound to prevent it from disturbing you—schedule regular AC maintenance, including clearing debris, changing filters, and updating the system.

How much does it cost to install a through the wall air conditioner?

The average installation cost is around $500, and the whole process takes around 8-10 hours to complete.

Why is my air conditioner so loud inside?

If the air conditioner gives a sudden loud rattle occurs, it indicates that some debris has got stuck in the outdoor air conditioner’s compressor fan. Defects in the indoor unit’s blower motor and misalignment of the belt can also be possible causes for loud air conditioners. Some other possibilities for loud sound are due to age or malfunction.

What is the acceptable noise level for residential areas?

The normal conversation level is around 60 – 70 dB. So, an average of 68 dB or below is the safe or acceptable noise level for constant exposure. However, constant exposure to 80 – 90 dB background noise can damage hearing. Hence, using loud air conditioners can harm your health.


Make sure to select your air conditioner based on these factors. It is mandatory to keep your house or workplace quiet to optimize the quality of sleep and productivity. So, find the quietest wall air conditioner from the recommended products that suit you best when purchasing a new AC unit.

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