Is Your Dryer Making Grinding Noises? – Easy Fix 2023

If you find your dryer making grinding noise and similar loud sounds, then you need to attend to it soon before the trouble worsens. Ignoring these sounds will lead to additional damage where you may have to replace the whole unit. These sounds would often occur due to a damaged or worn-out component in the dryer mechanism. Sometimes, the reason might be a coin or similar object spinning around the drum with the clothes. So check this possibility first, and then check the components listed here. 

Disconnect the power to the appliance at all times before you attempt any troubleshooting. Use necessary protective equipment to ensure personal safety and avoid injuries.

Grinding Noise


The process of drying clothes should not produce any grinding sound. But if your dryer makes grinding noises while running, it is most likely caused by a defective component. Here are the parts that you need to check in your dryer.



The rollers are small metal wheelers that help the drum spin and are attached to the exterior of the drum. When these metal rollers wear out with time, they create a grinding noise as they turn. So, if you hear this sound coming from the rollers, you should replace the whole set of rollers as they are often not sold individually. This is also beneficial as you don’t need to worry about another possible wear out of a roller as the whole set has been replaced with new ones.

The Drum Belt

The drum has a long belt that supports the drum spinning to keep the clothes moving. If this belt slips from its position while spinning, it will still try to stay in place, and you may find your dryer making grinding noise. The belt should be replaced by a technician to fix this error.

Drum Gliders

Drum Gliders

Gliders are a thin seal of plastic or nylon depending on different models of dryers. They are used to secure the rim from contacting the dryer’s cabinet while operating. When these seals wear out, they will cause grinding noises again. Even if only one glider has worn out, replacing both the gliders will help even wear out on both sides.

Idler Pulley or Tension Roller

This is another common issue that causes grinding sounds in your dryer. The idler pulley is used to ensure that the drum belt is secured in position. The drum belt runs over the pulley connected to a wheel and spring. You would hear grinding noises when this wheel or tensioner is worn out or malfunctioning. This is because the wheel tries to turn while retaining the belt’s tension. So during this, the belt might also have been damaged due to lack of tension. Therefore, it is also recommended to change the belt when replacing these components. This will help reduce the number of replacements you need to make in the future.

Screeching Noise

Similar to grinding sounds, you may find your dryer making loud screeching noises at times. This is often due to easily identifiable issues, and the above-explained components can also make this sound. In addition to that, you may need to check the following possibilities if a loud screeching sound occurs. 

Rear Drum Bearing

Rear Drum Bearing

The drum bearing goes through the rear of the drum, and if this bearing is worn out, you may hear a loud squeak while the drum is rotating. This repair may be difficult to be carried out by an inexperienced person. It involves releasing the drum belt, removing the drum, and disintegrating the element housing from the rear wall to access the bearing.

Rattling Noise

If you find your dryer making loud noises such as rattling sounds, you need to check the following components.

Blower Fan Blade

Blower Fan Blade

The blower fan blade is fixed to the shaft of the drive motor and circulates the air around as it spins. If this fan blade is damaged, you need to replace it to overcome this rattling noise.


Both electric and gas dryers use motors to turn the drum and the blower. Defective motors cause rattling and humming sounds while operating. Bad motor windings cause this humming sound. In addition, when a bushing or a bearing of this motor is defective, or if a pulley is loose, you may hear your dryer creating a high-pitched squealing sound. If you encounter these sounds, it is necessary to replace the motor to get rid of these sounds.

Lifters or Baffles

These parts are located inside the drum of the dryer and may create a rattling sound if they become loose over time. If this problem is not diagnosed at the proper time, the lifters may break off.

Thumping Sound

If you find your dryer making loud noise of thumping, then you need to check whether the clothes are distributed evenly. If this is not the cause, then there is a possibility that the rollers, bearing, or belt are worn out. Again, you may need to check the parts mentioned here to determine the cause.

Dryer Positioning

Sometimes, your dryer may cause loud noises if it is unbalanced:

  1. Check whether any objects caught underneath cause this issue so suddenly.
  2. Try shifting the dryer side to side, and if it moves, you need to adjust the leveling feet to stabilize it.
  3. Refer to your user manual for proper instructions on leveling your dryer model.

If this was the cause for the strange thumping sound while operating, then you may find this problem solved after you level the dyer.

Rumbling Noise

The most common cause for your dryer making loud rumbling noise is a worn-out drive belt or rollers. But, sometimes, it may also be due to the drum roller axle, and here’s how to figure it out.

Drum Roller Axle

Drum Roller Axle

Drum roller axles in dryers wear over time, causing loud rambling sounds. Instead, remove the drive belt from the drum and rotate it by hand. You can check the drum roller axles using this method. If the drum doesn’t spin freely, you need to check the support rollers. If they spin correctly without any visible defect, the axles might not be defective. But if the rollers wobble as they spin, it shows that both the axle and the rollers should be replaced. 

Repair or Replace?

dryer making grinding noise

If you find these strange sounds disturbingly loud, you may even fear your dryer blowing up or causing a fire. However, it is most likely that the dryer would stop functioning soon after these sounds occur. If the repair costs of the defective components are lesser than purchasing a new dryer, you should consult a professional technician. This ensures that the work is accurately done since they have proper mechanical skills and experience. A genuine factory motor for your dryer would cost around $150, while an aftermarket motor can be purchased for about $60, depending on the model.

When removing the drum to get to the motor, you can also replace the other major components such as the belt, idler, and drum rollers. Although this increases your cost by about $35, it increases the longevity of the dyer. Some models may have the motor and blower wheel located at the back of the dyer, while some may have them near the front. But the motor replacement procedure on both are the same and can be done using tools such as nut drivers, screwdrivers, a shop vacuum, slip-joint pliers, and two large adjustable wrenches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about dryer making grinding noise

Why is my dryer making a screeching noise?

Screeching sounds are often caused by some metal objects caught in the drum while it’s spinning. First, empty the clothes look for a coin, key, buckle, or pin that might have gone in with the clothes. If this does not solve the problem, you may need to check for possible defective components such as the drum bearing, rollers, or gliders.

What does a bad dryer bearing sound like?

If your dryer squeaks or makes a long screeching sound, then it is a sign of a bad dryer bearing. This happens when the bearings heat and change their shape due to losing their lubrication. You may even notice that the bearings squeak rhythmically as the dryer drum turns.

How much does it cost to replace a bearing in a dryer?

The cost of repairing a dryer bearing ranges from $75 to $150. This may differ according to the make and model of the dryer.

Is a 10-year-old dryer worth fixing?

Dryers typically last for around 10 – 13 years, and it is recommended to replace dryers over this age. It might be a good choice to go for a new dryer, even though you may not encounter major issues at that time.


You can find why your dryer making grinding noise by checking these possibilities indicated here. Since some components such as motors are difficult to be replaced by an inexperienced person, it is recommended to get them done by a professional technician. 

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